Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thirteen Days - Day 3 !

The count continues! Day Three. This is fun because I can't remember what I hid in these little boxes. I made this piece in April and just received it back from Somerset Studio.
So, it's almost like I've never seen it before -- just like you!

More tomorrow. Another day - another door! M.


Shell said...

Waaaaay Cute! Boo to you too!!


Unknown said...

I LOVE this one too!

Sammy Girl said...

B :)

Kim said...

Oh martha...
You've always got the cutest treasures! Well done.
A Flutterby Girl

Barbara Jean said...

Just been looking at your Halloween countdown wall hanging. It is really great!!

Never seen anything like it.

hope you have a great weekend.

Barbara jean

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