Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Countdown: Day 12

Here we are on Halloween Eve ...

Day 12 of our Countdown and we are fast approaching ....

the Witching Hour!
Do you have your costumes ready?
Have you bought candy?
Are your pumpkins carved?
I've got two out of three done. We don't carve a pumpkin anymore. I gave in and bought one of the ones that shed an electric glow. After trying to keep them lit during a particularly wet and stormy Halloween night, I bought one that I place in the bay window, inside. Problem solved. Makes me a little sad, as carving the pumpkin was only second to decorating the Christmas tree. Don't worry I'm not giving up the tree !!!

I will be dressing up for the annual Halloween party at Historic Deepwood Estate, where I work. We host a non-scary event for small children: story-telling, leaf pile frolicking, cookies and hot cider, face painting, pumpkin decorating and so forth. We had as many as 300 parents and children attend in the past. So this year I am going to pull out my grandmothers sun hat, which is kinda scary in itself. It's scarier to adults than children, just because people can't believe I will really wear it out in public (not that I ever wear it in private - just wanted to clarify that). So if all goes well I'll post a picture of my costume and maybe the ones from past years. I love costumes - making them as well as wearing them.
Yesterday evening and again tonight, Deepwood is the venue for two, private Murder-Mystery dinners. It was quite entertaining last night and I'm sure it will be a repeat performance tonight. The house looked beautiful and spooky with candles lit casting shadows on the walls.
This is a picture of the dining room before the candles were lit and the lights lowered. It is something else -- really beautiful. Party-goers sipped champagne, nibbled warm brie and were served a delicious dinner on Limoges china. Doesn't get much better than that!
Well, tomorrow is the big day and the BIG reveal! Remember, go get some extra candy because you know that those Snickers are gonna mysteriously disappear! M.

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Journal Swag said...

Martha, your Halloween Calendar is absolutely gorgeous! Everything is! You are very talented!


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