Monday, October 10, 2011


It only makes sense that if it takes a week to set up for a show -- it takes a week to undo it.  It indeed took a week.  What have I learned from this experience?  I have to find a different venue for my next Vintage Halloween Bootique.  We knew after last year's event that we might be able to have it in our home one more year, but after that -- probably somewhere else.  We were right.  It has gotten too big, too much stuff to relocate and too much stuff to display!  And ... above everything else ... too much disruption in our everyday lives.  My husband is such a sweetie and just goes with the flow.  He even admitted that it is time to "move the Bootique"!  So the search is on for a new venue.

Here are some pictures of the Bootique just before we opened our doors on Friday evening.  It was a smashing success and certainly made the blood, sweat and tears worthwhile!

So here you go ... PRESTO ....

A variety of small "bites",

sweets, and

what's a party without "spirits of the vine" and ...

lots of ghoulfriends???


Back to normal ... a-gain.  If you are asking yourself, "Was it worth it?"

Yes, it was.  I would like to thank everyone who attended.  It was fun, crazy busy and rewarding to see the little "Bootique" image in my head come to life. 

I would also like to thank all my wonderful friends that helped in one way or another:  Ellen (my sis), Rosa, Sarah, Diane, Carly, Betty, and of course, Elf Patty.  Without these women and my husband, it wouldn't have been possible.  I owe you all BIG!  I would also like to thank my nephew, Matt and great-nephew, Hayden for providing the muscle to move all the furniture.  (Tip:  you can get lots done by bribing with warm brownies!)

Coming up ... Holiday Treasures Show, November 11th & 12th.  Mark your Calendar! M.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What a Weekend!

First, thank you to everyone that made the 2nd Vintage Halloween Bootique such a success.  All the shoppers, all my helpers, my family and especially my hubby.  We made it happen!  I will post pictures in a few days.

But first I need to tell you about an upcoming event this Friday and Saturday and Roost Reimagined!  The info is below.  If I know Sarah and Pam, it will be over the top!  Don't miss it!

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