Wednesday, November 20, 2013

This Thursday & Friday - Holiday Treasures Sale!

Yes folks, that's tomorrow!  
We have changed things up a little 
and are having our Holiday Treasures Sale 
Thursday evening, November 21, 5-8 p.m. 
for early buying - $5.00 admission.
Friday, November 22, 2 pm - 8 pm  Free Admission!

Here is a sneak peek.  I know I have been terrible keeping you
updated this fall, so I will try to make up for it now.

Hang on to your seats, 'cuz there is going to be some RED !
I know we usually have this frosty, sparkly winter white
palette, but I just couldn't help myself.  Hope you will
forgive me and embrace the change.  These pillows ARE hugable.

Back to the light and sparkly ... little trees on vintage spools.  
Each one is different and unique.

 Evidently this is the Year of the Snowman. 
 I enjoy making them so much, that I couldn't stop.  
Here is a sample of Frosty and some of his friends!

AND, to throw a little twist into it all ...
 some adorable toy trucks delivering 
Christmas trees and packages!

Didn't have enough time to make
 as many of these as I would have liked,
 but I really enjoyed putting together 
this collection of holiday memorabilia.

AND there is more - lots more
in the little barn in Sublimity.
And not just me ... Molly Mo's 
will have MORE holiday splendor!
If you know Diane, you know there 
will be fabulous treasures to 
add to your holiday favorites.

Come visit us tomorrow evening, 11/21 from 5 - 8 pm  at 
Molly Mo's barn - 440 NE Cherry Street, Sublimity, OR

Come for early buying ($5.00).  We will be 
serving appetizers and a warm
beverage that could contain wine (wink, wink!)  And yes,
there will be meatballs!  I also hear there might be
a bonfire to gather around.  It can't get much more festive!

If you can't make it tomorrow night, then visit us on
Friday, 11/22 from 2 - 8 pm.  We will be waiting for you
to join us in kicking-off the holidays!  M.

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