Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Countdown : Day 8

It is a dark and stormy day. Very Halloweeny. The wind is blowing and the leaves are swirling.
I would just like to hibernate in my workroom and make lots of stuff - but not quite yet.
There is a door that needs to be opened! You never know what might come flying out!
I will open it very slooowly... oh, what the heck. Let's just get it over with - like taking off a bandaid!

OOhhhh, it's just a little ol' bat. Hope he stays a little ol' bat and doesn't transform into "The Count"! I'll wear some garlic just to play it safe. That should keep vampires and everybody else at a safe distance!

Tomorrow: another day, another door! Have a wonderful fall day whether it is stormy or sunny. M.

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melissadc76 said...

Oh that's just so cute, I love it.

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