Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Best Intentions ...

Well, tomorrow is May 1st and I had promised to have my website updated by then. Sorry to say, it is still pathetic and will be for a little while longer. Sometimes life just gets in the way of progress. I guess that isn't entirely true. Progress is made, just in other parts of my life! There's a positive spin on it! Anyway, one of these days soon I will be suprising you with new items that can be purchased by emailing me. Check back soon and until then, enjoy some of the pink blossoms from my back yard. Didn't realize how much pink was there and I 'm so glad the snow and hail did damage the blooms. I also had no idea back when we worked so hard to plant all the trees and bushes just how much we would be enjoying them years later! M.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Saturday in Portland!

It turned out to be a wonderful Spring weekend! Bright and early Diane (Molly Mo's) and I attended the second event at Flourishes in Mt. Pleasant. Aleta and Bill Breese created another lovely setting for antiques, collectibles and the work of area artists (including me)! Aleta's umbrella and raindrop theme was so sweet. Polka-dotted paper umbrellas with suspended crystal raindrops. My picture doesn't do it justice.

This picture is a grouping of my work. I looked at it for a minute thinking that's really nice - then realized it was my mine! She makes it all look so nice! Thank you, Aleta.

After leaving Flourishes, we visited the Monticello Antique Mall. They were having a Garden Sale. We found a some treasures there - actually it would be hard not to find something there! Most of my purchases were bits and pieces to make other things. Not too exciting to picture at this point.

From there, we landed in Sellwood and wound up the day walking through the three STARS locations. Of course we found some lunch and had to have coffee for the trip home!

I must get busy and place new items on my pathetic website. It has been so long since it has been updated. I promise to get some new items pictured and - if you see something you can't live without - you can purchase it by contacting me by email. I'll let you know when it is updated! I will also be listing future shows that I will be participating in throughout the summer and fall. Hope to see you there! M.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Works of Whimsy

A couple of days ago, I was honored and surprised when Deena Warner of the Primitive Gathering asked if she could feature some of my work on her blog for "Whimsy Wednesday". (Sorry, I can't get the links to work - so click on Sweet Annee in my favorites.) I said of course, got right on it and sent pictures. Deena is such a beautiful person with a big, big heart. She is fighting the battle of her life and with her determination and our positive thoughts and prayers - she's going to win! Deena, thank you so much for your encouragement and support! You're a peach!

I've been taking more time in the evening to look at all my "Favorites" (and favorites of those favorites) and am so amazed how many sweet, funny, and talented women I have found. I love seeing your creations and reading about your families and adventures. I have found that it really is a small world and the happenings in our everyday lives really aren't so unique. We all share many of the same experiences and emotions. I think it would be fun if somehow we could all get together for a girl's night and have lots of laughs and sharing. Until we can figure out how to pull this off - I guess I am happy just to visit all your blogs and enjoy your stories.

I'm closing with a picture of another little piece I made for the Flourishes sale on Saturday. And to quote Deena Warner, "A bit of whimsy tis a blessing." M.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Fresh New Items at Flourishes!

Today, I'm off to deliver all my recent creations to Flourishes at Mt. Pleasant. There are a couple of little shadow boxes that I would like to keep for myself! But no; off they go to new homes. I was on a roll last night until the overhead light switch gave up the ghost. I worked for a few hours using the task light on my work table. It was fine as long as I didn't need to see anything on the other side of the room! That's when I knew it was time to quit.

The next event at Flourishes is this Saturday, April 26th. Early buying begins at 8:00 a.m. See Upcoming Events for more information. Hope to see you there on Saturday! M.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Warm at Heart

A couple of weeks ago I vowed to stop whining about the weather. I've done pretty good up to this point. This morning we awoke to a dusting of snow --- snow that stuck ---snow that required me to run the defroster and clean off the windshield. It's April 19th in the Pacific Northwest for Pete's sake. Not Minnesota, or Wisconsin or Buffalo, New York. (I had to throw Buffalo in there 'cuz we always see it depicted with of piles of snow and icicles and people bundled up with woolen scarves wrapped up to their eyeballs.)

While I was out cleaning off the SUV to go the an event at the Saturday public market, one of the neighbors wished me a Merry Christmas as he walked by. Funny guy.

The event went well and I brought home some fresh treats: locally made smoked gouda cheese (ultra, mega yummy), artisan bread, and these beautiful tulips. I sat down with a steaming, hot cup of joe and decided that warmth, this spring, is going to have to come from within. From the heart. Just an extended yuletide jolliness -- really extended. In spite of the snowflakes, all the vendors and shoppers at the public market were in great spirits. Such friendly, nice people. It was a really positive atmosphere and I look forward to going again soon. It was cold outside, but the warmth of everyone made you forget that there was snow on April 19th.

Time to get back into my workroom. This is an old clipboard that I had fun embellishing the other day. Warm wishes for a great weekend!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Tis Friday!

Have a restful weekend! M.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bliss ?!?

It's the count down to the next event at Flourishes. Today, I'm home working furiously on more items. As usual, I have multiple things going and then think of one more. So right now, I have six pieces in various stages of almost done. Since the weather is cold again, I will be hibernating in my workroom until I deliver to Flourishes on Monday! Hope to see you there on the 26th! M.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Warm Sunshine - at Last

Mother Nature teased us with some absolutely gorgeous weather this weekend. Friday evening you could smell all the BBQ's in the neighborhood firing up. Yum! After doing Saturday chores and yardwork, my hubby and I took a time-out. We sat in the yard and enjoyed a cold one. The birds were chirping (probably because he disturbed their nest a little while tree trimming), butterflies and bees were about. Miss Zoe was happy to be in the yard in the cool grass. We decided to not think about what else needed to be done and just enjoy doing nothing. Hard to do, but we gave it our best.

In between finding excuses to work on projects outdoors, I put together a few crowns. Maybe for that special Mom next month?

One is lacy with MOP buttons... another is frilly ...

Others are sparkley!

Each one was fun and I hope to get more made before the next event at Flourishes! M.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Peat Pot Babies

These little babies just sprung up for you to see at
Flourishes on April 26th.
See my sidebar for event details. M.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Shopping, Good Friends and Creamy Gravy

The first Sunday of almost every month, there is a flea market at the Polk County Fairgrounds. Diane and I went today for early buying. Some months you don't find much, but most of the time you can come home with some great buys and unusual finds. Today was a good day. Not only were there good treasures, but we ran into Joy, Lisa and Isabel.

It's funny because we all find things for each other. No trying to outdo each other, no elbowing or hair pulling and shreaking - just an all around good time! After shopping, we had to have a little breakfast -- more like the "classic heart attack on a plate". But, oh, is it so good. Homemade hashbrowns and country sausage gravy - washed down with a diet cola, of course.

After enjoying that healthy start to the day, we have to look at all the great things we found and ooh and aahh and giggle with delight like little girls. I think the best part of this little flea market is spending time with these sweet, creative women. They make it special. Thanks you guys!

I took a couple of pictures of my purchases. This little cabinet is unusual and looks like two pieces that have been married into one. I will separate them and add some little touches to them.
This is a picture of the rest of the goodies I found.

There is a birdhouse, a Majolica-like small plate, baby socks and booties, pearl necklaces, old pictures and ephemera. Not pictured is a white, linen tablecloth to make pillows and an old, black picture frame. The next picture is just a grouping that was so sweet I had to take a picture of it. I love those creamy tones. These pieces belong to one of the vendors at the flea market. She was nice enough to allow me to take a picture.

In addition to all this stuff, I found a few things at Friday estate sales. There were some old wire baskets, glass knobs, an old suitcase, a primitive wooden stool, and the best -- four bags of white, mother-of-pearl buttons. Woo-hoo!!! After this buying frenzy, I came home and starting making some crowns out of aviary wire, glitter, lace and tinsel. I'll show them to you later this week. Right now it's time to head to the kitchen and whip up some dinner. I know, you're thinkin' how can she eat after that breakfast? It's for my hubby and besides that, breakfast was eight hours ago and it was just a half order of hashbrowns and.......

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Appreciate What is Around Us

Take time today to enjoy some, simple little thing! M.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mother Nature Has a Mind of Her Own

I've noticed that I've been whining a whole lot about the weather. Snow, hail, sleet, rain, wind, frost, on and on. After posting my blog yesterday, I looked out into the back yard - again - (Zoe likes to go out a lot). In the background, the TV was giving the weather forecast across the country and reporting adverse weather in many of our southern states. Made me think about what we have been experiencing here in the Northwest. Basically, we haven't been having to deal with much at all. We are pretty lucky people here in the Northwest. Yes, it has been cold, wet, gray, windy -- more so than usual. However, there are so many other areas of the country that experience weather and conditions created by the weather that are so much worse than what we have here. So, from now on, I'm going to try to be more positive and complain and whine less. I'm going to appreciate what we have going for us, even if it's dripping!

I borrowed this quote from Deena Warner's blog and keep in mind that just because the calendar says it's spring, Mother Nature has a mind of her own. Deal with it!

"The first day of spring is one thing, and the
first spring day is another. The difference
between them is sometimes as great as
a month."

Henry Van Dyke (1852-1933)

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