Sunday, January 29, 2012

A very pleasant surprise!

Back in November, I was contacted by editor Mary Forsell of Romantic Country magazine.  They wanted to highlight my blog in the feature called "The Blog Spot".  I was so surprised (to say the least) and was happy to forward the images requested.  I expected maybe a little line or two under my blog banner.
Wow, was I ever surprised when I received the Spring 2012 issue.  It is the nicest thing ever!  If feel that somehow Mary Forsell has visited my workroom or one of my shows or has spent some time visiting with me over a cup of coffee.  It was just the thing that I needed to recharge my batteries and help me get started on items for the upcoming 3 Friends Show mid-March.  Many, many thanks Mary !

If you haven't had the opportunity to pick up an issue, do so soon.  This is the sweetest, most inspirational magazine to hit the newsstands in a long time.  I can sit and get lost in all the dreamy pictures.  It's a great little escape during a busy day.  Pick one up and see for yourself! M.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Where Women REALLY Work

I love to have a pretty, well-organized workroom. 
I feel like I can breathe and be inspired to make wonderful things. 
My bits and pieces are nearby ...

at my fingertips sort through to find that one little item
that makes the difference between ordinary
and unique.

There is plenty of bare table space to spread out
and let the creative juices flow.

 Plenty of space for files:  ideas, catalogues,
lists, receipts, etc. 

Lots of drawers to store ribbons, lace, ink pads,
stamps, punches ... all sorts of goodies.

Sometimes there is even a little spot for things
that make me smile just to be able to
look at them whenever I want.

IN MY DREAMS !!!  This is the real story.

It all starts out very innocently.  A little paper here,
a little glitter there.  Feathers, lace, ribbon & paper,
paper, paper!  Without any warning ...

the little pixies and brownies come to play.

They create utter havoc - everywhere!

Overnight a seemingly organized workroom becomes
an absolute mess.  I wonder how it really happened
and how I lost control?!?

Okay, so there aren't really any pixies and brownies.
It's just me (and sometimes Elf Patty).  Time is short and
you just keep making one thing - then another - and another.
Pulling things from everywhere.  Unearthing things you don't
remember from under some stack.  You find that the bare
expanse of table top has vanished and you are working on
a square foot of space.  All your trinkets and treasures are in
piles around you where you dropped, flung or stacked them. 

Then, the urgency to create a whole new collection of things
is over and you walk in to find the huge ... ugly ... unbelievable mess
 and wonder how in the world did it happen???

So you take a deep breath and just start putting things away - vowing
the whole time to never, ever, ever let this happen again. 
I AM a neat, organized person. 
 It just doesn't make sense!  Finally after several hours of
reorganizing, dusting, vacuuming, and positive affirmations ...

the world is back on its axis and order has been restored ...

until next time!
 Here's wishing you fresh beginnings,
and new adventures for the New Year! M.

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