Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day 13: Happy Halloween !

Thirteen signs of Halloween ... one each day to be seen.

On All Hallows Eve when the spirits are near ...
a secret image to you will appear !

Oh my gosh ... I'm scared to look.

It's ME - with morning hair and no make-up!
Doesn't get much scarier than that!
Happy, happy Halloween to all!

I hope you've enjoyed my 13 Days as much as I
have. It was fun to reveal something new to you each day and
try to do it in a clever way. (I guess I can stop trying to rhyme now.)
I'm not sure I was completely successful with
my "cleverness", but I gave it a good effort!
Today, I'm off to work where we are hosting a party for children.
Have a safe celebration and don't forget to set your clocks back
one hour for daylight savings tonight! Can you believe it -
tomorrow is November 1st ! I'll start posting some pictures
of this year's holiday decorations that I will be taking to our
Holiday Treasures Show that begins next Friday! M.


Monica said...

Ha! Happy halloween, Martha!

Bella said...

i loooove your altered halloween countdown!!

Andy's Attic said...

This has been a little "treat" that I have looked forward to every day. Very clever and fun and memorable. Thank you for letting us join in the fun and Happy Halloween.

Unknown said...

This is by far the best Halloween countdown I've seen!!

icandy... said...

This is just wonderful... such spooky trinket boxes!
Christina :)

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