Friday, March 23, 2012

Great Show, Next Event, & Spring Surprise

Once again, you all came out and we had a GRRReat 3 Friends Sale. THANK YOU !  Lots of new faces, many old friends and even my 97-year-old uncle stopped by to see what all the fuss was about!  He said, "If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I would have never believed it!"  His biggest question was, "How did all these people know to come here?"  Well, that is the hardest part of hosting an event - getting the word out.  Many postcards, many posts on Facebook and blogs, listings on on-line calendars, emails, so on and so on.  Many thanks to the other 2 Friends, Diane and Sarah.  They rocked social networking.  My favorite was someone who had been shopping at Ace Hardware and was told by another shopper that they HAD to come out and see it.  Whoever you were, thank you.

So now that the totes are empty and there is space in the  warehouse  garage; the hunt begins.  Time to hit the streets and gather fresh finds.  My next event is .... Plucky Maidens Junk Fest!  April 27 & 28th at the Columbia Conference Center in Portland.  This is a new event for me and I will be next to Molly Mo's and Roost REimagined.  Come check it out!

A couple weeks ago I was choosing branches from the back yard to use in the house for the Friends Sale.  From under an over-grown fern I saw something yellow peeking out.  What a wonderful spring surprise, it was a planter that Elf Patty had given me at last year's Friends Sale.  I was so pleased to re-discover it and happy to have a little spring for my patio table.  It even survived the snow this week - all 6 inches of it!

And, before I forget - please check the info to the left for a line-up of the events I will be participating in this year.  Thank you and see you again soon!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Raindrops keep fallin' ...

As I was setting up for the 3 Friends Sale yesterday, that song kept bumping around in my  head.  It was absolutely coming down in buckets!  Luckily my doorway has a covered area where I can lure everyone in with a few garden-y things.

It made me happy to look out at it throughout the day.

Our 3 Friends Sale is tomorrow, 9 am - 4 pm - rain or shine!  3 Friends, 3 Locations, 3 Fabulous Sales:
Molly Mo's Roost REimagined, & me - Vintage Trifles! Take them in ... take them all in.  There is plenty of time.  No need to hurry!

There will be wonderful things to sip and munch while you shop.  We like you to feel at home - especially since these sales are at our homes!  Hospitality reigns!

Here is a little peek of what is inside ...

a sweet, little baby buggy/egg basket ...

lots of interesting collections ...

of course, my pillows ...

not spring without nests and birds ...

a different little mannequin - ooh la la ...

a fun ottoman ...

and it wouldn't be an event without the babies being invited!  Those silly babies.  They show up everywhere when you least expect it.  St. Patrick's Day or not - we will have to keep them away from the "Irish" coffee!

So don't let a few raindrops keep you home.  Pull on your galoshes, and splash on over.  You don't even need to stop for coffee - I will have that ready.  Hot and steamin' - whether or not you want to make it "Irish" is up to you!  There will be some baked treats too.  I look forward to seeing you again this year!  M.  And P.S.  We now accept credit cards !!!  Isn't technology wonderful!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Things

Celebration Cake
With the 3 Friends Sale on March 17th coming sooner
than I care to think about,
 I get busy and forget that I
need to post once in a while!

I don't like planned creativity.  There I've said it!
However, with the weather being rather unpredictable ...
spring-like one day and snowing the next ...
 I have had to plan ahead to get things done. 

Spray paint has to be brought inside to
keep warm enough to actually spray once you 
get a chance between precipitation to do so. 
Items need to be gathered that need some sanding. 
(However, I've been known to sand
 small items over the kitchen sink.) 
 Occasionally there is a piece of furniture
that needs scrubbing and
I don't like doing that in my kitchen. 
So the token warm, sunny winter day is a real gift.

Okay, enough rambling and on with the projects!

A few fabric collages.

Some cute little, old cases - embellished - of course!

This is my favorite - pearly tiaras.  They make me
happy just looking at them.  Even better, I
had so much fun making them!

That is just a sample of what has been coming
out of the workroom.  There is much, much more -
but so little time to post - so ...
you will just have to check back - or ...
better yet - come to the 3 Friends Sale.  Details on the left! M.

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