Monday, January 25, 2010

New Artist Class to begin soon!

Mary Green of Green Paper will be present the next Artist Class beginning February 1.

I will be participating again and have submitted a tutorial to make the
little mannequin shown above. I made it using basic supplies
that you can find at craft supply stores.

However, if you are feeling creative, you can branch out and use
many, many different items to make your mannequin unique!

I am always keeping my eyes open for old vanity lamp bases,
little baubles that to embellish the mannequin, old laces, buttons, etc.
If you are interested in making this little mannequin or just finding
out more about the Artist Class, other projects and the talented artists
that created them - just click on the banner above and it will link
you to the site! It is a wonderful way to learn the techniques and tricks
that we use to make our creations. Don't wait - pre-register today !
Next post: A Valentine Cake ! M.

Friday, January 15, 2010

A Little Visual Pick-Me-Up

I was going through my 2009 pictures and found this one taken in our back yard. Obviously, it was taken last spring when the yard wasn't a mushy, mucky mess. It was just what I've been needing. Bright, cheerful inspiration - a reminder that this gray, dreary, wet season will pass. And -- I did see some grape hyacinths peeking up out of the leaf mulch the other day. So, there is hope. ( I know, I should shut-up 'cuz we don't have 2 feet of snow. However, I don't mind snow - it's bright.)
I shouldn't be surprised, but I've been in my annual "What am I going to do for Spring?"
mood. Which ties into my "How am I going to proceed with my little business this year?" dilemma. All of this makes for lots of mulling over: what worked, what worked but was way too hard on the old bod (not a Spring Chicken anymore), what sounds like fun and how should I proceed with it?

So, I'm going to throw it out there for you to give me your "2 cents worth". I've been toying with offering some one-day workshops in my home. A fun day filled with creativity and a yummy lunch. This sounds like fun! A room full of creative women making something wonderful and food. What could be better?
I've had many of my customers ask if I would consider doing this. It sounds like a good thing to try. Now, I'm brainstorming on projects that could be easily adapted into a one-day class with supplies that are readily available. This could take a little time but I am thinking that April or May might be a good time to give this a whirl. Let me hear from you and I will keep you posted.

But, wait -- there's more!
During the month of February, I will be participating in the next Artist Class session. This is a group of wonderful tutorials offered by artists across the country at a very reasonable price. If you type in "Vintage Trifles" you get a 10% discount. Read more about Artist Class at:
Like I said, there's more!
On March 13, we will be presenting the 3rd Annual 4 Friends Sale! 4 sales at 4 locations: Auntie Joy's in Silverton, Molly Mo's in Sublimity, me - Vintage Trifles, in South Salem, and new this year (imagine drum roll) Sammy Girl, also in South Salem. Stay tuned for more info! It was so much fun last year. I expect a repeat this year and then some!
And even more!
Saturday, October 2, I will be hosting a Halloween Booo-tique at my house. I LOVE to make Halloween so I will be creating lots and lots of whimsical, unexpected things to adorn your haunted house. As I was writing this, two, new ideas popped into my head. EEK! I will be confirming the date very soon. More details to come!
Check my listing to the left for more dates.

On top of all of this, I am very close to making my 200th post! Might be time for a Give-away! M.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Into the Wild Blue Yonder...

and after stressing out about airline issues, we were finally off to the Midwest!
The sunrise was beautiful, as was the mountain range below us.

It was a whirlwind of fun, hugs, old and new sights. We had a great time with friends and family. The weather held long enough for us to visit my oldest, dearest friend in southeast Kansas. It was great to see her husband and son again. The time with them was lovely. They spoiled us and made us feel so at home.
This is Jake. He guards their farm and is one big furry love bug. He loved all the cold and snow - go figure!
We we returned to KC and my cousins Beth and Leslie took me to some of their favorite haunts.

Our first stop was Penzey's Spices. A shop filled with all sorts of smells. I brought home a few bags of herbs and spices to experiment with.

We lunched at the Kansas City Culinery School. It was the best. The stuff
in those little cups was Asian ice cream with cinnamon-sugar crispy
wontons. Perfect!

Then we found Curious Sofa. Yes, I had to buy a few things.

Wish I could have gotten this chest in my carry-on.

We even found the Victoria Trading Company.
Couldn't leave there without a few trinkets.

Of course there was Jake's in the Village - where "Life is Good".

So, here we are with our buddy "Jake" modeling several winter hats.
Very attractive - right?!?

It was the best day with two of my very favorite people.

I took more pictures, of course, but I wanted to share this one day with you.

There are some days that you will always remember and some people that no matter how long it has been since you were last together - you just pick up like it was yesterday.

That's the way with these two and with my friend Sharon.

Now, I just have to keep talking and get them all out to Oregon. No more waiting 10 years between visits. Lets see... we can go to the coast, to Central Oregon and of course
there is Mount Hood and .......... M.

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