Friday, March 25, 2011

Mysterious Surprise

This week is Spring Break here in Oregon.  My husband and I just returned from a few days in the Bend area.  What a wonderful retreat into the mountains!  Nothing to do but read, keep the fireplace going, and watch the occasional flurry of snowflakes. 

Now, we are back home, doing chores and catching up.  HOWEVER ... when we got home I discovered a mysterious surprise hanging on my front door!  A shopping bag with an assortment of treasures - "vintage trifles" to be exact! 

Who is the mystery giver?  Who knows exactly what I love to collect?  Who was nice enough to put together such a wonderful assortment of treasures - especially in crunchy cello bags tied with coordinating ribbons?  Why the enclosure in the little red envelope?  And the special bandaids - I'm always in need of a bandaid since I am such a klutz!  Sometimes I have two different "boo-boos" at a time.

Whoever this generous person is - THANK YOU !  I don't know what inspired you to go to so much trouble, but you know what makes my heart sing.  

I know many times part of the fun is to remain annonymous, but if you feel inclined to email, please do so.  I would like to thank you properly!  M.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day !

These are the lovely shamrock cookies that Elf Patty baked for the sale last Saturday.
Not only were they beautiful, they were Yummy!  Not a one was left for later.

We had a wonderful day and enjoyed meeting so many new people.
Thank you to everyone for making our sale such a success! I think next time I will encourage everyone to take a couch and enjoy their coffee and treats.  It was more like a gathering of friends, than a sale.  Very special people.  I feel lucky (I guess that's okay - I am Irish!)

After I spend this next weekend preparing all my tax documents, I will post
Studio Play Date #2:  Crown-Making !!
These crowns will be made out of something a little different - AND
will have lots of vintage goodies and BLING !
So check back for class info.

Here are a few images from the 3 Friends Sale.  I apologize for not getting any pictures of our great friends, followers and shoppers, but it was BUSY !!!  I will appoint a photographer next time.

Also - Spring arrives soon!  Celebrate by walking outside and look at all the spring flowers and flowering trees.  What a treat after all the winter weather! M.

Friday, March 11, 2011

3 Friends - 3 Sales - Tomorrow !

Tomorrow is the 4th Annual, 3 Friends Sale!  Joy, Diane and I have been busy searching for new treasures for your junque-shopping enjoyment (or maybe fix?) !  Our little shops are packed full of interesting, and - in some cases - unusual  items that someone won't be able to live without.  Don't miss out!  Come early, stay late.  Enjoy one of Elf Patty's sugar cookies (made from Grandma Pepper's recipe), my coconut nests and a cup of hot coffee -- Yummy!

Here are a few pics of my little "shop".  Hope to see you tomorrow!

The Floosies

Sweet Garden Bunny

Guy stuff.

'Til tomorrow - I can't wait !  See you then. M.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Peek into My Workroom

The Annual 3 Friends Sale is just a little over a week away. 
I've been making all sorts of things!  I will also have many new,
little, old, goodies that are hard to pass up.

 I seem to be drawn to a group of "Floosies" this spring. 
They just keep popping up here and there. 
"Girls just want to have fun" and THEY ARE FUN!

This little kitchen stool was such a surprise. 
It no longer resembles the way I found it - thank Goodness! 
After giving it a good bath and scrubbing - I found it was pink!!! 
I dressed it up a little with old linens and lace -- and
I don't mind saying  -- I think it turned out pretty stinkin' cute! 
What do you think?

Of course - I can't have a sale without a few, new pillows. 
I love to make pillows.  Almost instant gratification!

Don't forget to mark your calendars, grab all your best junkin' buddies,
and plan to shop the 3 Friends Sale on March 12. 
Make a day of it and shop all 3 sales! 
See the notice on the left for more info. 
I will be posting directions to my location next week -
an easy location to find west of I-5 in South Salem. M.
P.S. I need to stop posting while I'm eating breakfast. 
I just dropped oatmeal on the keyboard.

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