Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween Countdown: Day 5

Okay, this is kinda weird. I was getting ready to open door #5 and looked down at floor. There had been a little "spidey" making its home in the corner. The little guy was no where to be seen so, I removed the web and thought, hmmm, I wonder where it went if it's not in its web?!?
Hope it didn't decide to hide behind my "Halloween Countdown"
hanging on the wall above!
Can you imagine how surprised I was to open door #5 !!!!!

EEKKK! I know, it's just a glittered image, but that was just too weird!
Wonder what will be in store tomorrow?!? Stay tuned. Eight days to go! M.


Charmingdesigns said...

Thanks for letting me know Martha, Love this spider box! Cant wait to see what tomorrow holds.

Karen Valentine said...

Oh Martha this is soooo cute! I'm all caught up now and can't wait to what comes next!

My Desert Cottage

Sandy said...


I am so glad you have joined the artist class! I can't wait to make your cake!!!!

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