Monday, December 17, 2007

Little Christmas Village

In an earlier post, I mentioned that my husband always creates our little Dickins village. Like everything else this year, it has been a little late in making its appearance. He didn't seem to fuss and struggle trying to create a vignette different from previous years; yet it is different. I love all the trees - evergreen and bare branch. He makes little streets and alleys in the main area and individual scenes in the cubbies on either side. Not pictured in the space above, is a Father Christmas figure with his sleigh surrounded by scrawny trees near the North Pole. I haven't found the hidden Dickins figure. I should go do that right now! Here are some pictures of it and a couple of the village maker (I was careful not to say the village idiot -- just kidding honey!) and a very bored Miss Zoe.

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Aleta said...

I've always loved the Dicken's villages. They're the perfect Christmas wonderland!! I think it's wonderful that it's your hubby's thing to do each year. He gets a gold star!!

Warmest holiday bear hugs, Aleta

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