Saturday, December 1, 2007

Snowflakes, Antiques and Good Friends

What a day!!! My friend Diane and I left before the crack of dawn to shop at Tarte and Apples and Antiques in Sherwood. Knowing Cindy and Karen, we knew their shop would be wonderful and we weren't disappointed. Many, many fabulous treasures. A few came home with me to adorn my workroom. If the antiques and holiday decorations weren't enough - we had snow showers! Not enough to complicate travel, but just enough to set the mood of the day -- Christmas shopping! After leaving Cindy and Karen (with a jam-packed parking lot), we had breakfast with friends Isabel and Lisa. By the time we had eaten, the snow showers turned into great, big fluffy flakes. Again, nothing accumulated, but how beautiful! From Sherwood we headed to Sellwood to visit our friend Randy of Madison Park on 13th Street. What a lovely shop! It was good to see Randy and, of course, do a little shopping. Our last stop was the Monicello Antique Mall, which was having their Christmas sale. Yowser!! There was so much - it was hard to know where to start. Of course we figured that out quickly and managed to fill the back of my SUV. As our shopping day ended, so did the snow - which changed to rain -- and wind. After such a fun day, no amount of rain could dampen our spirits. We are officially in Christmas decorating mode! Here are pictures of Cindy, Karen, Diane, Isabel, Lisa, Randy and me. Enjoy!

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Coleen said...

sorry I missed the show!!!!! I will be at the next one!! Sounds like everyone had a wonder-filled time!!!


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