Monday, December 3, 2007

Weathering the Storm

Rain, rain, go away ... Take the wind with you too! Well, we managed to weather the storm pretty well; only a couple of problems. The wind loosened the flashing around the vent for the furnace which allowed rain to pour into our furnace. It doesn't like to run when it has water in it. We discovered all of this about 10 last night. We really appreciated sleeping under the down comforter and having Miss Zoe on the bed for warmth. The furnace repairman was out this morning and we are warm once again. Then there was the matter of a section of fence blowing down. My sweet husband came home from school mid-day to repair the fence and take inventory of anything else that needed attention. He never takes leave, so I knew he must have been concerned. The fence could have waited but there was the problem of letting Miss Zoe out to do her thing in the backyard. Other than a few shingles that needed to be renailed, we faired pretty well. My heart goes out to all those families with flooding and no power. I hope they can recover quickly. We forget about all those repair people that go out and make it possible for us to have lights and heat. I am most grateful for them and the sacrifice they make so we can have our comforts. Tonight will be much quieter ... and warmer.

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SweetAnnee said...

OH..I love the picture..
it's so inviting!!
take good care Martha dear..

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