Friday, October 19, 2007

Time to Celebrate

I have finally gotten into making my Christmas creations. They are coming together nicely. I also have managed to fit into the mix a special piece for my sister's 65th birthday. I know she will be happy that I shared that and her picture with everyone! I think she deserves a special prize for all she has accomplished in those 65 years. She has worked forever to support her family and raise her sons. In addition, she always makes time to lend a hand to someone in need. It might be one of our troops, a veteran, a neighbor, family member, or me! It doesn't matter - if they need help - she is there. I think a star should be named after her. One that is very sparkley, like a beautiful diamond. On Sunday, we will celebrate by going to brunch, then venture to IKEA in Portland. I'm sure there will be many wonderful things we won't be able to live without. It will be a day of celebration with lots of silliness, mischief and giggles!


Aleta said...

It makes my heart happy when I hear a sister talk about another sister in such a way. I adore my sister too! Have a truly fabulous time this weekend. Happy, happy birthday celebration!!

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

Auntie Joy said...

Hi Martha,
Tell your sister happy birthday for me. Have a great time this weekend. Did you know you can actually have a star named for someone?? My son was thinking of that for his cousin's baby.. Wonder why he did do it for his mom?? I know a couple of other girls going to have a bday soon!

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