Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Stormy Day Ahead

According to the early morning news, we should expect a stormy day. Very Halloweeny! I made some progress yesterday on my Christmas creations. My heart is still happy with Fall and Halloween, so it is difficult for me to get into the sparkly mindset of Christmas. I know that there are many, many designers that work on Christmas in the Spring or year-round. I wish I was one of them. Unfortunately, for me, I'm not. It hits me all at once. Then, I can't make things fast enough! I am off to my job today, so maybe I will have some energy left tonight to put a few details on a sweet little piece I made yesterday. I will include a picture at a later date. For today ... a fun little witch ... because this is the day for it. Stormy and dark! Put on a pot of soup, stay home and enjoy the storm if you can!

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Auntie Joy said...

Hi Martha
I love your new creations, I can't wait to see some Christmas treasures. You have caught on to this blog business quite nicely!!! Good for you.
I love my ribbon thanks!

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