Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Eve

Over the weekend, the weatherman indicated that we were supposed to have some sunny weather. Instead, we had rain showers yesterday and it seems very autumny today. However, it does seem very appropriate for Halloween -- a little foggy and mysterious.

I am still struggling with whatever virus I caught over a week ago. I gave in yesterday and called my health care provider. Evidently there must be many more people with more serious symptoms than me because I'm still waiting for a call back. I waited four hours for a call and gave up and put on my jammies. I figured that would trigger a phone call - but - nope! Anyway, I will rattle their cage today.

Looking forward to a fun Halloween celebration tomorrow. The 1894 Queen Anne house where I work is hosting a party for small children. There are many fun activities planned. I'm looking forward to it. After work, we will treat the kids in our neighborhood. I always wonder how many will visit us. We experimented last year and handed out snack-size bags of pretzels. The kids loved them, so we will try it again this year. Hopefully, our Miss Zoe will not be too upset with the door bell. She has to bark and see all the children. I'm sure it's totally confusing to a dog. She is always happy when the last trick or treater heads for home!

Today's picture is of some wonderful antique velvet witch's shoes I purchased at a small shop in Albany called the Vintage Roost. It is a very interesting little place tucked away in the woods north of town. I thought they were very unique and added to the Halloween decor in my dining room. Until tomorrow ...

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Christine LeFever said...

Oh, Martha,

Your blog is wonderful! This is so much fun. I just may have to start one too...but the time, gulp!

I so enjoyed seeing you the other night. I may have to do some shopping, very soon, at the wonderful venues you have mentioned!

Get well, dear friend, I command it! (There I have waved my wand and you will feel fabulous...)


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