Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pixie Sighting

I was just checking on the pumpkin patch and ...
it appears ... 

that a little pixie has made it her home!

What a cutie!

Oh, wait - there's another! 
I think they are flying in for the
Vintage Halloween Bootique
next Friday and Saturday.

Hope you can come and meet the rest of their friends!
September 30, 5-8 pm, $5.00 Early Moonlight Buying
October 1, 9 am-3 pm Free Admission

Lots of treasures -- vintage and handmade,
lots of treats and lots and lots of fun!
More info below. 
Oh, and P.S. 
We will accepting credit cards!!! M.


The Withies said...

ALWAYS GREAT, always magical! No Luck needed XOX Julie

mama c said...

I love your Halloween decor. You must have the patience of a saint!

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