Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Paper, Plastic or ... Tote?

I've been making a few totes for the March 21st sale.
Some are fashioned to carry whatever your little heart desires ...
and others are styled after the fabric grocery bags all the stores are promoting.

I figure ... if you are going to drag a bag into a store, it might as well be attractive and interesting. It might even be nice if it was unique and a little artsy. I might even remember to take it into the store once in a while.
That might be a stretch, but, you see, I have four of the thin, generic numbers in my car. Most of the time I forget to take them in with me and Lord knows I wouldn't want to trapse back out to the parking lot to retrieve them. Call me "ungreen", irresponsible, wasteful if you want to, but I'm not going back out for them. I figure I peel the labels off the tin cans and recycle them, rinse the glass jars and put them in the correct recycle bin and I recycle plastic produce bags -- so I'm just not going back to the car to retrieve the fabric grocery bags.

So I figure maybe, just maybe, a pretty one made of repurposed elements will jog my memory. Here is a little peak of the detailing: old lace, pearls, buttons, blingy shoe clips and vintage images. To see the rest, well I guess you will have to visit our 4 Friends Sale on March 21st!


Coleen said...

oh wow! oh wow! oh wow!!!!!!!! the sneeky peeks are fabulous!!! I will be at the sale...can't wait!!

Kim said...

You know the real problem with the grocery bags? I actually buy *groceries*. I can tell I'd use yours for my handbag lol - but I avoid shopping till I have the BIG list!

Little Cottage said...

Love your bag! You make me almost drag out the sewing machine...
See you soon:- if I can make it to ALL 4 FRIENDS sales!

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