Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Give Away Results Coming Soon!

Many, many thanks to everyone that entered my 100th Post Give Away! The response was overwhelming! I want to visit each and every of your blogs. So many new people! I will be drawing the three winners tonight and announce them in tomorrow's post. So please check back to see if your name was drawn! Good Luck to Everyone!
Today, I'm off to work. Yesterday I was home with my nemesis, Mr. Migraine. I've been fighting with him since last Wednesday. Finally had enough yesterday and went to the doctor. As a result, I'm a day behind in everything and still a little fuzzy in the head. Just when you think you know how tosend him on his way, he finds a new way to hang around. I know there are many things that are much worse, so I am thankful that is all I have to deal with.
Until tomorrow, enjoy another wonderful fall day and check back for the give away results! M.

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Suzanne said...

Martha, Oh My Goodness, Thank you for picking me as one of your giveaway winners. Since I am a new blogger this encourages me to reach my 100th. May you reach another 100. Congratulations. Love and Prayers, Suzanne

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