Saturday, July 26, 2008

Vets, Vacation, and Great Finds

Sorry it's been so long since my last post. We spent some time at the vet(s), rested a few days, worked a few days, hit some estate sales (great stuff!) and now, trying to get some things made for the next few shows coming up.

Eventually I will post some pictures of the things I have found. Every so often you walk into a great sale - so great you can't see over the pile of stuff in your arms. That is when I'm really thankful that my husband wanted to come along! He is so good to take stuff to the SUV and carry the heavy things. I found a tulle underskirt from an old wedding dress, a fragile satin hoop skirt from another wedding dress, a sweet small camel-back trunk, a shopping cart (that will get a custom liner), a concrete bird bath, feather pillows, an old typewriter, a soft blue coverlet, a creamy white wool blanket, creamy white ironstone dishes .... what a haul!!!

To back up a little, I want to thank everyone for their sweet comments from my last post. You guys are great and I appreciate your kind words.

About the trips to the vet. Miss Zoe evidently had a reaction to something. We don't know what as she hasn't had any changes in diet, things in her environment, so on and so on. Regardless of what it was, it knocked her for a loop. After several trips to the vet(s), (one being the emergency clinic one night at 11:30 - that's scary), she is feeling better - but not completely well. She will be on Prednisone and an antibiotic for a while longer. In addition, she gets drops in her ears to counteract any yeast infection as a result of being on the antibiotic. No - the vet said we couldn't put yogurt in her ears. Doesn't work that way with dogs. Anyway, it would have been really messy and she would have wanted to eat it. Sorry, I digressed. We are hoping that she will be 100% soon, but she gave us a scare. She got to go to Central Oregon with us, but she slept most of the time since we were instructed to give her massive amounts of Benedryl along with the prednisone. Eat, sleep, drink, potty, drink and sleep -- you get it. Poor baby. If they could just tell us what is wrong.

The trip to Central Oregon was great (except for the sick pooch). We did almost the same thing that I mentioned Zoe did above! We got up to sunny, blue skies with the mountains in the background.

Enjoyed watching a young deer that decided that we were friendly...

Stared at the mountains some more ...

and just enjoyed this special place that we have been able to visit over the last 7 years. Someday the owners with retire and live here full-time, but until then we are grateful for every chance we get to enjoy its beautiful setting.

We have many wonderful memories of spending time here with our family and my son's friends (who might as well be family). Great food, card playing, watching football, playing pool and ping-pong, long walks and reading many a book. We have definitely been spoiled and are very grateful for the opportunity to have had so many great times in this special, special place! M.

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Little Blue Violet said...

Beautiful vacation spot. Looks so relaxing and tranquil. So sorry to hear about your pup. That happened to one of my Golden Retrievers years ago. Never did find out what got her...perhaps a spider or bee. Certainly hope she is back to normal soon.

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