Thursday, May 1, 2008

Two Peas in a Pod

Today, I'm honoring my mom, Etta and her twin, Gretta - the Wyland Twins. They were born on this day in 1915 and defined the phrase "two peas in a pod"! It was rare to find one without the other. Very seldom throughout their lives were they far apart. As children, they were said to be identical. Therefore, as children, Mom was always on the left in pictures so they could be told apart. However, there were differences in personality. Gretta ("Aunt Sissy" to my sister and I) was more outgoing, adventuresome and had a very creative side. Mom was quieter, serious, and more studious. Mom always followed Aunt Sissy's lead. This pattern continued throughout their lives until they passed within three months to the day of each other in 1997 - Aunt Sissy going first.

There are too many good stories to share, so I will just hit on a few birthday celebrations. Beginning on their 70th birthdays, we started finding silly and unusual ways to surprise them. On their 70th, we held a surprise party complete with a tasteful (if possible) yet hilarious "boob" cake. because occasionally we would refer to them as the Boobsy Twins. I know - bad humor, but they weren't stuffy, sedate 70 year olds. They laughed themselves to tears. Sometimes we would sneak in and pack their suitcases and take them on a trip - usually to the beach. Another year, I hung a huge banner outside of their apartment complex asking everyone to wish them a happy 75th. And they did. When I was living in Eastern Oregon, I took them to Wallowa Lake which reminded them of our summer vacations to Grand Lake, Colorado. The day was perfect with blue skies, a sparkling lake and many deer sightings.
So on this day, I wanted to share them with you. They were loved by many and are missed, but they will always be alive in our hearts. M.


Auntie Joy said...

Hi Martha
What a lovely tribute to your mom and aunt, thanks for sharing. As usual I have been spinning in circles so I had a couple of posts to catch up on. I loved your pink floweres and your pics from Flourishes!
Hope to see you soon!

Nancy said...

How lovely...Your tribute to your Mom is very touching. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your Mom and Aunt...and have very fond memories.

Thanks for sharing Martha.
Hugs, Nancy

The Feathered Nest said...

What a wonderful post, Martha! Your mother and her twin sister are so adorable in both of the photos ~ I know you must miss your mom ~ sounds as if they were wonderful and fun! Thank you so much for your sweet words about my little shoe...xxoo, Dawn

Lisa Johnson said...


Your Mom and Auntie are just adorable. They were so lucky to have each other. Your post was such a sweet tribute to the two of them. Hope to see you soon! Polk Flea?


Little Blue Violet said...

How wonderful to be so close t someone as twins are. They are so sweet together and I think it's wonderful, their wearing matching dresses in the more recent photo. It must have been hard for your mom when her sister died. When I was 17, my brother died. He was 19 and it devastated me. Sounds like you were a great daughter and niece, doing so many well plnned and sweet things for their b-days. Hang on to your memories.

Unknown said...

This is a great post! The younger photo is adorable, and the more mature photo definitely gives away their mutual affection! I wish I could have met them!

Have a blessed Memorial Day!


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