Friday, May 2, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Yesterday I spent over 12 hours in my workroom - not doing fun stuff - but cleaning!!! Not just cleaning - sorting and organizing. If that wasn't enough, I got all my bookkeeping up to date. Wow does it feel good! For the first time in a long time, I feel I can do whatever I want now. I might even paint the front room. Yeah, well, believe it when you see it. I finally am utilizing a little chest I bought several years ago the way it was meant to be used. I sorted all my various pieces of paper: images, script or text, backgrounds, sheet music, vintage newspapers, wallpaper, so on and so forth. I actually walked over, opened a drawer and found exactly what I was looking. I might not remember in a month, but it was very rewarding last night. There are still a couple rough areas, like reminents of ribbons. That still needs some attention and seems minor now that the huge mess is cleaned up. While I worked away, Miss Zoe did what she does best - sleep!

We did take a break. We took a quick walk around the block, jumped in the SUV and got coffee. It was a mid-afternoon reward for sticking with it. Besides, I needed the caffeine before starting on the banking!

Before closing, I want to thank you for your kind comments to my posts - especially yesterday. Also, I'd like to ask that you give me your input on having an Etsy store. Something I'm mulling over in lieu of a website. Send me your thoughts - okay? Hope the forecast includes sunshine for you this weekend! M.


Auntie Joy said...

Hi Martha,
I am so very inpressed with your success in organizing, I wish that would be contagious I woul try and catch it.
My friend Charmain, High Desert Diva, has an Etsy, I'm sure she would be happy to tell you what she thinks.. I will tell her you might inquire.
We are off to Bend this weekend, hopefully will see you soon.

Nancy said...

Congrats on getting your studio organized...I'm in the middle of that now...hopefully today will see the end of the "endless" cleaning!

I have a website and blog...I am spending a lot of time on my blog and not as much on my website...I have contemplating the same thing...I know there are gals who have all three! Don't know if I could keep track of all that...but Etsy seems to be the place to be these days. I'm not sure if it really makes that much of a difference if you have a good following. If they like your work, they will buy it anywhere. Hope that helps a little.

Have a great weekend Martha!
Hugs, Nancy

Charmingdesigns said...

Hi Martha, You will do well, regardless of where you put your creations, they are so beautiful and well done, they will sell. How was your sell at Flourishes?? Please drop me a line when you have a chance. Laurie

Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

Hi Martha! I agree that Etsy is very popular right now. I am sure your items will be successful regardless of the venue. Buyers will take their direction from you and shop where ever you list your items.

I think blogging is the most important factor, as it helps with networking.

~ Karen at Ciderantiques

Christine LeFever said...

Bon jour mon ami!

Yes! You can even sell collectibles that are at least twenty years old, and so you can do creations and just stuff. Your creations are beautiful and will attract an even bigger following. I will be doing an Etsy store too, soon, right along with my website. The big thing is inventory. So concentrate on that and you will attract what you want.

Maison Douce said...

Martha, I think you would do great with an etsy shop, your creations are so endearing and unique!! Also, I was reading your post about your mom and I could relate, since my mom is also an identical twin, and she and her sister still do everything together!! Coincidentally, my husband's mom is also an identical twin!! Take care!

Charmingdesigns said...

Is there an antique show at Deepwood this weekend? I saw your comment on Lisa's blog. Laurie

Little Blue Violet said...

O I am sooooo there with you! Just got done poasting on my organization in the studio and then came upon your post! Are you as tired and achey as I am? s far as etsy goes, it's nice but seems like is something dosent sell right off, it gets pushed to the back of the vignettes. On your own website, you would only be featuring your own works and therefore, everything is front page news. Just a thought. Smiles, Darly

Anonymous said...

How funny! I'm in the throes of the exact same kind of deep cleaning. I'm on the paperwork stage, and I'm almost already feels better. Yea!!!!

Aleta said...

Are you still in there organizing? Or, are you now creating a big mess again? Heehee

I would be the one making the big mess.....scattering things hither and yon!!

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

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