Thursday, April 3, 2008

Appreciate What is Around Us

Take time today to enjoy some, simple little thing! M.


Adrienne said...

So true! This week in my care center ministry I shared the story of a blind man whose sight was restored. He was amazed at everything around but appalled that no one else was noticing the sunset, flowers, birds and the people's faces. We need to slow down and enjoy what is all around us! Thanks for sharing this today. ~Adrienne~

Nancy said...

I agree...the simplest things seem to be what makes most of us happy and content.

Don't you just love to reflect some days on what really makes you feel at peace...I'll bet for most of us, it isn't the blackberry!

Have a great week, Martha
Hugs, Nancy

Auntie Joy said...

OKAY!! I will, I will, I finished my dreaded project and from now on no more whining..(at least until next April 15) Love seeing all your treasures and the projects you have been finishing.

Christine LeFever said...

A sweet, simple thing I enjoy is your lovely blog, Martha. There is always something pretty and interesting.


Barn House said...

Hi Martha! Your comments are right on time for us. Sometimes it's hard to not see all of the beautiful things around us...especially when the early Spring weather feels more like the middle of Winter. Thank you for all of the wonderful words of encouragement on our blog! They always brighten our day...even in the rain. :o)

Joe and Jermonne

Little Blue Violet said...

Thank you for the excellent advice. Putting the brakes on and enjoying just walking my dogs and digging in the dirt to plant some pansies today. Champagne and caviar cannot match the simple joys of a fresh spring day!

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