Monday, March 31, 2008

Thrifty Finds

With Spring Break behind us, it's time to get down to business. I have so many irons in the fire: there is a special project, projects for Flourishes, then collecting for summer flea markets! I know they are coming because I've been getting registration forms in the mail all week! It's time to get out there and shop!!! Woo-hoo!!! Speaking of shopping, I stopped at a couple of favorite thrift shops at the coast last week. I didn't find lots of wonderful, but the wonderful I found was perfect.

I'm not usually a "pink" girl. I usually am attracted to the creamy whites and sepia tones. For some reason, there was pink that was calling me to take it home. The soft, soft wool blanket (that will probably be fashioned as stockings at Christmas), the Alfred Meakin platter, a sweet floral plate, about 8 packages of old, faded, pink crepe paper (still in its old box) and some beaded earrings! Not a huge haul, but everything fits in somewhere.

For the first time, I've actually begun planning what I'm going to make for upcoming Christmas shows! I usually don't start on Christmas until I have finished making Halloween. Which is weird since I'm a planner/organizer type. It really goes against everything else I do when I'm working on pieces for specific events. I don't begin early-on. Needless to say, I work better and create more when I'm under pressure. I'm not saying that I'm making anything yet, but at least I'm planning and gathering!

I stepped into the back yard this morning to let Miss Zoe out. I was appreciating my husband's hard work yesterday. He tackled the first mowing of the yard. Never an easy job. It is very thick and heavy and you hope that you have found all of Miss Zoe's "land mines". Just as he was finishing the job, it opened up and hailed so much that it completely covered the ground! So there I am this morning, standing in the French doors admiring the freshly cut lawn and the daffodils -- then I notice that we are having snow flurries - again!! The sun was actually shining at the same time! Wow, never a dull moment. Hope the sun shines on you today and warms your week, M.

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Sarah said...

oooh! How'd you get so lucky to find some crepe paper!

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