Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring Break Flakes ?!?

Spring Break of 1993 there was a mild earthquake in the central Willamette Valley. It was quickly nicknamed the "Spring Break Quake." This spring break, the weather has been a little bit of everything: sun, rain, wind, sleet, hail, snow. Earlier this week, my husband and I went to Neskowin on the Oregon coast. It was actually really nice the first two days. I sat on the balcony of the condo and enjoyed the warmth of the sunshine.

Our last day, it snowed and hailed. It's the first time I've ever seen snow at the beach. Kinda weird. After returning home, more snow off and on. This morning we awoke to more snow that had acutally stuck to the ground. I took the liberty of naming this year's break ---the Spring Break Flakes! Ha, ha, ha! Yuk, Yuk, Yuk! I know -- how corny.

Anyway, it has been a nice week with my hubby. We had some R & R, found some good restaurants and shopping. He has been enjoying NCAA basketball and a good book. I have a couple more days to work on a special project that I'm kind of keeping a secret. I'm afraid if I talk about it, it will jinx it. I'll fill you in on it sometime later. Hope you all have had a good weekend and I will start posting more spring things that will go to Flourishes in April. M.


Christine LeFever said...

Those photos are beautiful, dear talented, Martha!

I'm glad that all is quiet and peaceful for you and Mark.

I look forward to each of your beautiful posts.


Adrienne said...

Glad you could get away for some time at the coast. I love it there and need to go back soon. Our wedding anniversary is in January. Last year we went to the Oregon Coast for a few days just after it had snowed several inches. It was so strange to see snow on the beach. And little sea gull footprints all over the lawn in front of our motel room. I have a wonderful picture of my sweetheart next to a snowman someone made on the bluff above the beach - with the Pacific Ocean in the near background. Strange! Can't wait to see what you are working on. ~Adrienne~

Auntie Joy said...

We missed you and I was hoping you were having fun since we hadn't heard from you all week. I've never seen sonw at the beach.
Hurry with your project we want to see what you have been up too!!

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