Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Back in the Swing of Things

After a couple of set backs, I'm trying to get things back to normal. My sister is recovering nicely after her surgery. She has a long recovery, but at least it was something that was fixable. Somewhere in the mix, I caught a nasty virus - again! I'm starting to function with the help of decongestants and cough syrup. Yuck! Believe it or not, I am still putting away the Christmas decorations. They are usually back in their storage totes around New Year's Day. With all that has been going on with health issues, they might be safely tucked away by this weekend. I never thought I would get tired of seeing my Christmas decorations, but this year put that to the test! Okay, enough whining. I am going to start working on spring creations. I will be selling them March 15th at Flourishes, a new venue by Aleta Breese (The Silly Bear). Aleta and her husband have purchased the former Willow Nest location in Washougal! I will be joining other artists to kick-off their first event! How exciting! I must work, work, work! I can picture many shadow boxes and glass domes filled with sweet springy things! I will keep you posted!
Oh, I was tagged by Joy to tell you seven things about myself - so here I go.
1. I am a huge procrastinator and seem to work better under pressure. However, my body tells me otherwise.
2. I love gingerbread Bee-Bop biscotti.
3. I just discovered the Keurig (sp?) single serving coffee maker while staying with my sister. It makes a great cup of Joe and I got spoiled being able to have a fresh cup whenever I wished - along with an occasional piece of gingerbread biscotti!
4. I have never cared much for Valentine's Day. Even though I have a wonderful husband for a Valentine, that hasn't always been the case. So much emphasis is placed on having a sweetheart that if you don't, it is even more obvious on that day. Just a little insight from another time in my life when I would instead show my love to my son and close family.
5. I love going to sleep to the sound of rain on the roof. Which is a good thing considering I live in Oregon! I got to hear a lot of it while staying with my sister, especially on the skylights.
6. Before I can concentrate on a specific project, I have to have my house in order. If it isn't, I can't focus. I think about all the things that need to be taken care of. That is why I have to get my house tidied up before can start on my new creations.
7. I am a floral designer. These days, it is something I reserve for family weddings and events at Deepwood. I love it. There is nothing like fresh flowers and it is about time to have a vase of fresh tulips on my coffee table!
Also, I have been having problems adding new favorites to my blog. I will get some tech support from my son and see if I can take care of it. I will also be adding new events to attend in the upcoming months. That's it for today!


Auntie Joy said...

Yipee skippee your back I have been checking on you but did not want to harass you since you were sick.
ps you aren't very weird!!

Christine LeFever said...

Adorable, Martha! I can SO relate to the inability to create if the house is not in order.

I am glad for your sister that she is happily on the mend. I am impressed with your notation about Flourishes. I will have to do that on my blog too. I promise I won't edit and copy verbatim yours!


Charmingdesigns said...

Hi Martha, just stopping by, glad to hear your sister is doing better. Sorry you got the "bug" Its sooo dreary today, Hope you feel better soon. How fun to hear about Flourishes!! Laurie

SweetAnnee said...

Hi Martha dear..glad your back to blogging and that
things are better..
take care of you..
i love the picture on this post!!
fondly, Deena

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