Thursday, November 8, 2012

Holiday Treasures Coming Soon!

I realize that Halloween was only a week ago, but when you offer handmade creations, you have to begin making items waaayyy in advance.  Many times not as early as you need to, but earlier than most, none the less. 
So, it seems like I'm jumping over Thanksgiving completely.  Not really.  It is still one of my top three holiday celebrations.  It's perfect.  Not much (if any) decorating, wonderful food and leftovers, a day dedicated to family and friends, a time to reflect and be grateful.  I am a big lover of Thanksgiving, but you gotta do what you gotta do to have sparkly Christmas creations ready to go!
I haven't posted many pictures because I have been working simultaneously on many different things.  They are all in various stages of "being done".  So once I have a few days at home, they will all come together!  I decided to go ahead and give you a peek at the doily trees I've been working on.
They don't have their layer of "snow" yet, but you can get the general idea!

A wonderful way to re purpose grandma's lace doilies!    I will continue to complete post projects, but make sure you mark your calendars for the Holiday Treasures Show co-hosted by Vintage Trifles and Molly Mo's!  The "when and wheres" are below.  Keep checking for more and also follow Vintage Trifles on Facebook! M.


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