Thursday, December 22, 2011

Little White Church Obsession

Quite by accident, I seem to have collected
a few little white churches!
This might be influenced by the memory of the
white church that always adorned
my Aunt Sissy's mantle each holiday season.   
I was fascinated by it.
The cellophane stained glass windows, snowy roof and the steeple. 
You could almost hear voices singing Christmas carols from inside!

This little one was a gift from my cousin Beth. 
It reminds me of the Christmas
that she spent with us here in Oregon.  
Very special.

This one I made almost 10 years ago. 
One of my first attempts to create a vintage-look.

My sis made this one for me.  It was her first attempt. 
I keep it out year 'round.  

This year I received 2 new ones for my collection.
Elf Patty heard me say how much I loved
these little churches and surprised me. 
The one above for my birthday and

this one for Christmas!  This one is very special as it
belonged to her Grandma Pepper.  I think we all would like
to have a Grandma Pepper like Elf Patty did.  To think that
she would give me such a keepsake is such an honor.  I treasure it.
Not only is the church so sweet -  it still  has the original box
with price sticker ... $1.99 at S. S. Kresge Co.  - perfect ! M.

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Florence said...

What a beautiful collection you have! Merry Christmas! Hugs! Florence

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