Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Studio Play Date Fun

Saturday morning, five ladies, all from different backgrounds, gathered at my house for a day of creativity, learning and fun.  It was my first Studio Play Date:  A "Passport" to the Past.

The tables were full of necessary supplies,  there was plenty of hot coffee and morning treats in the kitchen ...

There was so much energy and creativity going on that caffiene wasn't necessary! 

There was paper flying, glue sticking, ink inking, and eyelets galore!  Did I mention great conversation?
Everyone had something to share, especially about their "passport" theme.  The stories were wonderful and kept us all entertained and laughing throughout the afternoon.  The results are below.


 This was a tribute to Grandmother Daisy Olive - yes, Daisy Olive!  What a beautiful, sweet name.

This "passport" captured memories of a honeymoon to Italy. 

A lovely tribute to parents and childhood memories.  The back (not shown) honored three generations. 

This "passport's" theme was flowers, gardening and spring.  It contained wonderful, vintage pictures of young women anticipating their commencement posed with very lavish floral displays.

 This was a loving tribute depicting a special man's journey from childhood to becoming a loving spouse.  There is even a gift of a golden ticket to the future and all the adventures to come.  Perfect! 

It was incredible to see the transformations take place.  In the morning there were five, blank manila file folders ... by mid-afternoon ... there were five very individualized "passports" ...

all created by five beautiful and talented women.  I felt so lucky to have the opportunity to spend the day creating with them.  We shared, laughed and created a fun memory while preserving older ones. 
Thank you all.

Keep checking back for the next Studio Play Date.  I've been asked to offer workshops on crown-making and folded book cakes.  I'm getting my thoughts together, forming a new twist and will be posting
a new Play Date project soon!

In the meantime, don't forget the upcoming 3 Friends Sale on Saturday, March 12th!

Three Friends, Three Locations, Three Sales - all in One day!  Don't miss it - M.


Sammy Girl said...

Miss Martha!
Had such a fun day -- so glad to be a part of your first "play date". You are a wonderful hostess and pampered us the "most-est"! Loved every minute!
B :)

Florence said...

How fun, I will be watching for a play date details. Thanks for share! Florence

Brenda said...

Wow! I wish I could have been there. I love working with bits and pieces of the past.

Jann said...

How fun! And what beautiful art was created that day!

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