Saturday, August 14, 2010

Molly Mo's Sneak Peek!

This is a quick sneak peek of a few new items - hot out of my workroom!

This is a petite-sized mannequin that I fell in love with.  Her sweetheart neckline is embellished with a vintage pearls and bugle beads.   

My images aren't very good, so you will just have to come to Molly Mo's Antique Faire next Saturday and see her for yourself.  Here are a couple more new items ....

This is a crusty, rusty what-cha-ma-call-it that I added all sorts of vintage odds and ends to!  Again, it was hard to photograph and it isn't quite finished yet, but I wanted to share it with you anyway.  You gotta see it in person to appreciate its uniqueness.

A garland fit for a "Queen"!  Each tag is hung with an old garter belt supporter.  How many of you remember those days?!?  Thank goodness for pantyhose! 

This is just a sample. I've been busy finding unique items to tempt you, as well as making new creations!

You can find me near the chickens again this year!  Please come visit us and enjoy the beautiful country setting!  It's definitely worth the trip!  M.


Molly Mo's said...

Adorable Martha! Can't wait to see the rest! Stay cool......

Curtains In My tree said...

Oh My

I would love to attend your event. What luscious items.
I also want to say I LOVE you baby picture on your blog, How precious.

Alaina said...

Hello, I have become a new follower and I spent the better part of Saturday morning looking at all the wonderful things you have been making. I just love all the Halloween and Christmas. I wanted to let you know I have included you in a post about inspiring me, and I have linked back to your blog.

Jennifer Evans said...

Some sneak peeks of the photos are posted at my gallery... ;)

Jann said...

Beautiful creations! Sure wish I could be there!


Your whatcha-ma-call-it is an old broom display from a hardware store. I like what you did with it.


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