Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Into the Wild Blue Yonder...

and after stressing out about airline issues, we were finally off to the Midwest!
The sunrise was beautiful, as was the mountain range below us.

It was a whirlwind of fun, hugs, old and new sights. We had a great time with friends and family. The weather held long enough for us to visit my oldest, dearest friend in southeast Kansas. It was great to see her husband and son again. The time with them was lovely. They spoiled us and made us feel so at home.
This is Jake. He guards their farm and is one big furry love bug. He loved all the cold and snow - go figure!
We we returned to KC and my cousins Beth and Leslie took me to some of their favorite haunts.

Our first stop was Penzey's Spices. A shop filled with all sorts of smells. I brought home a few bags of herbs and spices to experiment with.

We lunched at the Kansas City Culinery School. It was the best. The stuff
in those little cups was Asian ice cream with cinnamon-sugar crispy
wontons. Perfect!

Then we found Curious Sofa. Yes, I had to buy a few things.

Wish I could have gotten this chest in my carry-on.

We even found the Victoria Trading Company.
Couldn't leave there without a few trinkets.

Of course there was Jake's in the Village - where "Life is Good".

So, here we are with our buddy "Jake" modeling several winter hats.
Very attractive - right?!?

It was the best day with two of my very favorite people.

I took more pictures, of course, but I wanted to share this one day with you.

There are some days that you will always remember and some people that no matter how long it has been since you were last together - you just pick up like it was yesterday.

That's the way with these two and with my friend Sharon.

Now, I just have to keep talking and get them all out to Oregon. No more waiting 10 years between visits. Lets see... we can go to the coast, to Central Oregon and of course
there is Mount Hood and .......... M.


Made In The South said...

Looks like a fun trip...

Florence said...

Looks like you had a great visit. I understand we have a Penzeys in Portland that I am dieing to go to. Have fun with all your treasures. Hugs Florence

Adrienne said...

So glad you had a good - and safe - trip! It looks like you had the time of your life. Welcome home again. Can't wait to hear more. Yes, we have Penzeys in Portland now. I 'discovered' it on 82nd near Ross and TJ Maxx the other day. Need to stop by and spend a bit of time in there, for sure. Hope to see you soon. ~Adrienne~

Martha, Vintage Trifles said...

Thanks to you both for the Penzey's info. Now I won't have to order online! The Chicago Steak seasoning is great on any beef, from steaks to burgers. M.

Andy's Attic said...

Your visit sounds great...I know what you mean about picking up right where you left off. Now I must check out Penzeys.

Marilyn Miller said...

My first time to visit you. I was going to say we have Penzey's in Portland, but I see Adrienne beat me to it.

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