Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Surprise Visit and New Friend

Last week, I receive an email from Laurie May of
Laurie's Charming Designs. Laurie had purchased some tinsel from me last year and was in need of a little more for a project she was working on. I found more of the tinsel and we made arrangements for her to come to my home for it. We live about 25 minutes from each other, but have never gotten together to visit. We run into each other at various antique venues, but never to visit and get to know each other. In trade for the tinsel, Laurie brought me the cutest little glass magnets that have her hand-painted snowmen peaking through! They are so tiny and so sweet! My pictures don't do them justice but, I had to share them with you. We are looking forward to getting together after the first of the year so she can teach me a new project. Thank you again Laurie! I love them.

Also, I have to share another picture of the snow. It has been really coming down this afternoon out in our neck of the woods. School has been cancelled all week - very icy underneath. My hubby and I struck out this morning and got some Christmas shopping done before more accumulates or things freeze tonight. I wonder if they will cancel classes again tomorrow? Might it be an early Christmas vacation? We'll have to wait and see! Keep warm! M.


Unknown said...

Burrrr Thoses photos make me want to stay in with a cup of coco. Stoping by to say Merry Christmas.

Charmingdesigns said...

Oh the weather that we are having!! You didn't even mention the one I messed up Thanks for sharing!! Can't wait to get together in Jan. Take care...and don't slip, and enjoy your faux fire!! Laurie

Nancy said...

Hi Martha...

Oh, they are so sweet! That Laurie is pretty talented!

The pictures of your snow are lovely. I love it when it is untouched and you just see the beauty of nature.

Have a great weekend,
Hugs, Nancy

Sarah said...

How charming and sweet to hear Charlie Brown Christmas playing on your blog and that pretty little red birdhouse sitting in the snow!
Vintage Lily

Beadyjan said...

Sweet magnets and lovely snow photos. Brrrrr.

Sandy said...

I dropped by from Dawn's feathered nest to visit. I saw your gift to her and fell in love with your charming creation! I love her style so I know I am going to love yours too! May I add you to my blog roll? Have a great weekend!


Hi Martha,
You will sure have fun when you get together with Laurie. You both are so talented!! How fun to met each other and have a new friend that you can make treasures with:)
Just wanted to come over and wish you a very
Merry Christmas!!

Hear we are getting more snow this weekend...good old Minnesota!!

Wanda said...

Hi I am blog hopping and hopped in from a feathered nest, saw you were in Salem Or. And decided tosay Hi. I lived in Salem many years ago in my single days, now we call clackamas home. And we have about a foot of snow with ice. I don't know what tomarrow will bring as far as work goes for the family. Stay warm. TTFN

Suzanne said...

BRRRRR You pictures are really beautiful. This is the first year I living away from snow. Not sure if I miss it or not? Have a Happy and Blessed "Christ"mas. Love and Prayers, Suzanne

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