Monday, November 10, 2008

Lots of Holiday Cheer at Molly Mo's

First, let me thank all our friends that weathered the wind and rain to attend our Holiday Treasures show this weekend. We are so grateful to you. We hope that once you entered the shop you forgot about the weather, enjoyed the refreshments and all of the gathered "treasures"! It was good to see our old friends and fun to make new ones.

These pictures are a small sample of what awaited everyone.

Now, I am off to add some items to my Etsy store: flash card garlands! Unfortunately, all the stocking babies sold, so I will be making more and adding them soon. Hang in there. There will be more for everyone! If you have any questions or requests, please email me.

Diane and I will be setting up our area in the Garden & Salvage area of Monticello Antique Mall in Portland the first of December. Monticello's Christmas openhouse begins the first weekend in December. Don't miss it! It is a fabulous combination of vendors and goodies.

Again, many thanks for a wonderful show! M.


Kim said...

Denise and i were talking about missing your event and were sad that we could not attend! We found MANY treasures last year and came back on Saturday and found more! You girls are just so sweet and i'm sure that your show was a grand hit!
Holiday cheers to you and your family.
Kim :)


I'm glad your snowbabies sold and I am Happy that you are making more as I still really want one!!!
Please let me know Martha when you have some ready, maybe I'll get first "dibs" :) Thanks.

Journal Swag said...

Hi Martha, so sorry I had to miss the show! I bet it was gorgeous!


The Feathered Nest said...

OMGoodness Martha!!! I'm so in love with your artwork! I would have loved to have been there...xxoo, Dawn

Christine LeFever said...

Oh my but you are busy, Martha! All so pretty. Monticello is so lovely and now with your things there for the Christmas Season; perfection!


cammy said...

It all looks too perfect!

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