Monday, August 18, 2008

I Can't Believe It !

Well, friends, it has been an odd summer for me. I'm not quite sure where the time went, but boy did it go! I spent most of my time trying to juggle everything that I wanted to accomplish and I'm not sure I did a very good job. Work was really busy, I tried to do a couple of antique shows, get a couple of weeks away with my husband, and complete a few home re-do projects. Somehow it got done, but I felt it was all kind of fragmented.

In addition, I feel very guilty that I haven't been keeping in touch with my blog friends. I so enjoy receiving your comments and even more, reading your posts. I vow to get back into the "groove" and start thinking about another "give-away" for my 100th post !

Okay - enough for the apologizing and whining and on to the BIG NEWS! The "I can't believe it" part. Last spring I hinted to you all that I was working a something but didn't want to reveal it 'cuz it might jinx it. Yes, I am a little superstitious. Anyway it must have worked, because I received an email a couple of weeks ago telling me that the a piece I submitted to Somerset Studio for their Vintage Halloween was going to be published! I had to read it over and over a few times to believe it. Today, my free issue came in the mail and it actually flipped open to the exact page - number 106! There it was: "The Ride by Nights"! I have to tell you, it is very surreal and a thrill to see it in print. I keep going back and looking at it to make sure!

On that note, I am beginning to make this year's Halloween creations. I have baskets of pumpkins waiting for something magical to happen to them. My mannequin is modeling a black feather boa and witch's hat to help me get the mojo going. Halloween is just around the corner, so keep checking back to see what I concoct!


The Feathered Nest said...

Hi Martha!!! Congratulations!!!! I'm so very excited and happy for you ~ it's truly amazing to have something you made with your two hands in print!! Your work is always wonderful, I'm so not surprised ~ wishing you a wonderful rest of the week,
xxoo, Dawn

Jessica said...

Congratulations! That is definitely something to be proud of!

Charmingdesigns said...

Yay!!! Congratulations!! I can't wait to pick up a copy when it comes out!! How was your sale at Molly Mos? A bit hot?? I couldn't make it out, we decided to have another garage sale, bad idea, to Laurie

Journal Swag said...

Awesome, congratulations!

Maison Douce said...

Congratulations, Martha, I am not surprised because I am always in awe of your talent!! I can't wait to see it!!

{oc cottage} said...

How exciting!!!!! Congrats!

M ^..^

Anonymous said...

Hi Martha , Congratulations! Its about time they noticed how talented you are. :) We'll see you at Coburg - we decided to do it , also. I hope its a bit cooler than last Saturday. Sue

Auntie Joy said...

Yippee Skippee you are indeeed Queen!!!! I am so happy for you!
Looking forward to hanging out at Coburg, lets call it a party instead of a sale, shall we??
Tell Mark I didn't die, I'm STILL talking! But it was a close one!

Aleta said...

I told you so!!! Congratulations!!

Warmest bear hugs,

Jann said...

Congratulations on being published! That is just wonderful, and I can't wait to buy my copy! I LOVE that magazine! Smiles, Jann

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