Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm Gonna Do It !

After much hemming and hawing, pondering, procrastinating, and a little being scared-to-pieces to commit, I am going to be a vendor at the Funky Junk Sister's Vintage Flea Market in May!
All of this dragging of feet and contemplation has nothing to do with the event itself. It's just that I've never done a show that far from home and my hubby cannot not attend. He will be in the middle of a district tennis tournament. So I was hesitant to do the show by myself.
After the 4 Friends Sale, I had a family discussion with my husband and son. Should I try to do the show or shouldn't I?!? Diane and her husband Matt said they would help me, but that didn't seem fair - especially to Matt who would have to lift and carry everything. So my son said - "Do it." He offered to take a vacation day and come along to provide the muscle!!! WOO HOO!!! So we are set to go! I am so excited!
Now, I'm busy making new stuff and can't wait! I'll keep you updated with new pictures to lure you to Puyallup mid-May. Hope to see you there! M.


Kissed by an Angel said...

Good luck, have a great time!!!!

Shelly said...


That is great! I think you'll do Fab! I attended their show in the Fall, and had a great time!

Can't see that far ahead in my crystal ball, but I imagine I'll be there! YGG! I'd love to meet you!


Florence said...

I will hope to see you there. Florence

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