Friday, March 12, 2010

Don't let the rain stop you ...

from coming to our 4 Friends Sale tomorrow!
Hey, we live in the Pacific Northwest. What's a little liquid sunshine? All sales are in where it is warm and dry - and - who knows? Maybe we will get the real sunshine to make it a perfect shopping day?!? It can happen!

Once again, my dining room has been transformed into "The Shop". I haven't displaced my husband and Miss Zoe too much. Mark is still trying to find his writing desk-- but, Zoe seems to like it. She is having a big snooze out there right now!

I have lots of little "trifles" for you ...

a few original pieces hot out of the workroom ...

oh my gosh ... lots of eggs - lots and lots of eggs - all kinds. Real, blown quail and araucana, porcelain, wood, paper mache. Did I mention that there are eggs? Lots and lots of eggs - what was I thinkin'?!?

A sweet little hutch with lots of ironstone ...

PINS !!! Just a little something to perk up your lapel and the perfect little gift for someone!

Of course, I can't have a sale without inviting the "babies"!
Hope you can make it. There will be sweet treats, fresh coffee & lots of fun. We will have directions for you at each location to help you find your way and some ideas of great places to stop for a little lunch. We know that all this shopping will make you hungry and we don't want you to become famished and weak! You must keep your strength.
So there you have it. The fun begins at 9 a.m. and concludes at 4 p.m.
Plenty of time to visit all four of us.


Kissed by an Angel said...

What fabulous things there are!! Hope it goes well for you!!!

Shelly said...

Ohhhhh! I'd love to be there! Working weekends has it's disadvantages!

I hope you have an awesome event! Everything looks Marvelous! Love the little egg babies!!

Martha, you should check out our event on May 15th here in Snohomish! It was so awesome last year! Might be a fun time for you to head up to Washington! (See my sidebar for link Event.)

Hugs and again, have a great weekend, we'll be wet here too, I'm sure!



Florence said...

I can hardly wait. I am trying to figure out my game plan which route to go in what order. Florence

Michelle Palmer said...

So many treasures! Hope you have a fantastic sale~ and wonderful weekend!

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