Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween Countdown: Day 6

Halloween is only one week away and it will soon be time to howl!

Today's surprise -- a frightening, black owl !
I know you guys must think that I'm kidding when I say that I don't remember what I placed inside each box. I really don't remember. I made this in April and quite frankly, sometimes I can't remember what I did yesterday - much less last April. So I'm having just as much fun rediscovering the little surprises each day.
I think the inability to remember is directly correlated to the crazy-busy fall I have had. For example, I just got home from spending the day at the Tarte Halloween Spectacular in Oregon City. I accompanied Madame Zadora, Palm Reader, to the event. Madame "Z" entertained everyone with her palm reading expertise and what fun it was! Tomorrow, I will post some pictures of the divine Madame and the many and assorted lovelies that were for sale at the Land of Tarte today. I even got a picture of the Queen of Tarte herself sporting
that famous pink, fluffy wig!
And for those of you that would like to learn the secrets of some of the artists that you follow in blogland, you can sign-up for the Artist Class that is an online project classroom with a variety of projects and a variety of artists. It will take place over 4 weeks, on a members-only blog. Daily posts will include instructions for one dozen individual projects
plus additional, bonus down loads, tips and techniques.
Students receive quality in quantity: beautiful projects and great information designed to get creative juices flowing, introduce new skills, and resolve last minute gift quandaries.
I was asked to submit one of the projects! So check it out by clicking on the black box above this post. The link will take you to the Artist Class site and you can read more. AND the best part is ... if you enter my code, "vintagetrifles", you will receive $10.00 off the class fee!!!
My project is this "Celebration Cake"! You too can make this unique piece and many others by enrolling today!

I think it is time to visit with my sweetie and give both he and Miss Zoe a little attention.
Tomorrow: Halloween Countdown, Day 7 and pics of Madame Zadora,
the Queen of Tarte and merriment in the Land of Tarte!
I promise you will be amazed and amused! M.
P.S. Don't forget the upcoming Holiday Treasures Show, November 6 & 7 at Molly Mo's in Sublimity. Diane and I have been putting together something wonderful to get you ready for the holidays. Check my sidebar for more info!


Faded Charm said...


After I looked around and visited with a few people I knew, I went looking for you to say "hi" and you had went on a lunch run. Sorry I missed you and hope everything is falling into place for your holiday show with Diane.

Take care,


Unknown said...

Hi Martha,

I just popped in (all the way from the Netherlands ;-) to tell you how much I love your work. Seems we have the vintage bug in common!

All the best, Ira said...

Your cake is a great addition to Artist Class!

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