Sunday, March 2, 2008


Wow! The weekend has flown by. It took me a while to remember what I did yesterday. Hmmm --I worked -- that's why I couldn't remember. Anyway, Friday was a day of shopping for little treasures at the Portland Antique Expo. I went with my friend Diane to help our friends Joy and Cindy set-up their booths. After the work was done, we could do some early shopping. Our friends Isabel, Lisa, Maryann, and Shannon were also in the same row of booths. It was great fun. These gals are the best and so much fun. I had never attended this event before and there was so much to look through! I found old pictures, pages from old ledgers, alphabet game tiles, old beautiful laces, collars and trims. Even a couple old bird nests with eggs! I love them! One of my favorite vendors, Randy of Madison Park was there. His friends Diane and Donna will be merging with him at his Sellwood location beginning April 1st. They have the same color palette that I do, so I could have just moved into their space and stayed there. It is so calming and restful to me - sepia and cream. Ahhh... After closing up the place at 6 p.m., Cindy, Joy, Diane and I went to Pastini's at Bridgeport Village for a yummy dinner and lots of giggling and laughs. It was a long day, but so worth it. They are such a talented and sweet group of women. I feel lucky to get to hang out with them and call them my friends.

My hubby seems to have the virus du jour - again. I guess that is what you have to deal with when you are in a classroom with many, many kids. Hopefully, he will be feeling better tomorrow. He never takes a sick day. I hope to knock out a few more projects before returning to work on Tuesday. I am inspired with all the new bits and pieces I purchased Friday. I'm posting a picture of a mannequin I made from various odds and ends. She is one of my most favorite pieces, but she will be off to Flourishes next week! Hope you have a great week! M.

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Nancy said...

Oh, I just love the mannequin...beautiful! Your work is so lovely. Don't you just love how vintage is back!


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