Friday, March 7, 2008


It's Friday!!! The week has flown by - again. I am trying to finish little details on all the pieces that I have made so far for Flourishes. There are always hangers and gluing paper on the back of an unsightly board, etc. You think you are done, but - no. Always one more thing cuz I'm so picky. That is my agenda for today. That is, after I meet Diane (Molly Mo's) to drop by Cindy's and see her sweet shop Tarte. She and Diane are part of the 3 Friends antique shows this weekend - see the sidebar for more info.

I walked out in the front room a bit ago and couldn't figure out where all the light was coming from from outdoors. It was like a huge spotlight was being shown into our bay window on the opposite wall. Lo and behold -- it was the sun, yes the sun --shining on the neighbors front window and reflecting back across the street into our front window. Wow, that was weird, especially since the sun wasn't even over the roof of the house behind us. We've lived here 15 years and I have never noticed that happening before.

I take stock of what is going on in the back yard everyday when Miss Zoe makes her rounds. It seems like the daffodils are taking forever to bloom. They are up, but not wanting to expose their blossoms to the chilly March weather. Can't blame them. I don't want to spend much time out there either. The bulbs in the basket pictured above have been at this stage for a few days. I am so excited. Atleast there is some color! That is about all that is happening. Hopefully one of these days soon, the sun will warm this part of Mother Earth. Then we can celebrate Spring and its promise of warmer days that will bring a burst of color to our yards. I can't wait for the flowering trees that line our street. The will look like pink cotton candy!In the meantime, Miss Zoe prefers to snooze - well almost. She always seems to know when I have the camera out and has to peek. Sneaky pooch. That ear must be her antenna! M.


Donna O'Brien said...

I bet the show will be wonderful. I hope the sun shines for you.
PS- that ear antenna comment creacked me up!

Auntie Joy said...

Hi Martha,
It was so fun to see you and Ellen this morning. We had a great show and after a little nap I feel like a real girl again... boy was I pooped!!
Let's go play!

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