Friday, March 14, 2008


Always, always after working frantically to complete projects for a specific event (this time Flourishes), I have to do a major tidying-up of my workroom. I should have taken a before picture, then you would fully understand what a mess it can be. Anyway, last night I cleaned-up. It feels good to start again with a clean slate, or at least cleaner. I hope the vacuum doesn't reject all the stuff on the carpet. Yes, carpet. It is my son's former bedroom and it took a beating while he grew up here, so my abuse can't hurt it much more. One day we will rip it up and replace it with something else. Sorry, I'm off track.

The reason for the SOS is: I end up with a pile of scraps of various papers used in recent projects. They are all piled in a wire basket, (I cleaned it up a bit before I snapped the picture.) and need to be organized in some way. At some point I will go back and use most of it. In the past I have just moved the stack to another larger basket that is in the closet. However, it is over-flowing. Especially if I add this new batch to it. Does anyone out there have any suggestions to deal with this mess I have created that won't require a huge amount of time to utilize? There are tiny bits and pieces of vintage papers that I don't want to dump 'cuz sometimes that is all I need and I will never find that exact item again. There are also larger sheets that I can pull out and put back where they came from. Regardless, I would welcome any helpful hints. So put on your "Heloise" hats and let me hear from you! I won't take offense if you just come right out and say I'm a lazy slob and should just put it back when I'm done with it.

I'm closing with another project that is available tomorrow at Flourishes. Hope to see you there and have a great weekend! M.


Amber said...

I use an over the door shoe holder from the dollar store. Works great can stuff it really good and it's see through so with a glance u see what u have! I love it great for visual stimuli.

Miss Rhea said...

I think it is just that creative artsy spirit that makes us all messy. lol I try and try and cant quite stay organized. I do try and keep things on open shelves and in clear containers, that does help some. :) What a sweet collage. :)

The Feathered Nest said...

I just love your artwork!!! I tell you what I do is use random shallow box lids and group stuff...say all the scraps from old dictionaries in one lid and mark the edge and then all scraps from sheet music, mark the edge and stack them all together somewhere. I love those little fragments too and don't ditch at thing!!! xxoo, Dawn

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