Sunday, February 24, 2008

Spring Cleaning!

I finally had an afternoon to open the garage door and clean up the mess that was the result of too many weeks of cold, damp weather. It was easier and quicker to set something in close proximity of where it belonged and deal with it when the garage was warmer. I don't know if it was that much warmer, but it wasn't raining and seemed better. After a couple of hours and a trip to Goodwill, the garage is more managable. I can actually find things again! There is another reason for organizing and clean-up. Our son accepted a job back in Eugene. It is the position he had been hoping, wishing and praying for. He is so excited. However, until he finds an apartment he will be staying with friends. That means he will have to store things with us for about a month. So our garage will become a mini-storage unit once again. What are parents for - right? It is possible that he can leave things in his current apartment that he rents from my sister. Unfortuantely, she will have to find another renter, but she is happy for Jake and knew it would happen eventually. I know she will miss him and all the mischief they got into together.

Friday was a fun, fun day. My friend Joy and I went to lunch, then to the Goodwill outlet. Are we crazy orwhat?!? We buy stuff and bring it home, then truck stuff back and give it to them as a donation. Shouldn't we be making even trades or something? Anyway, we found some treasures. A couple of them will fit nicely into my current projects - bonus! Joy brought me the sweet pansy that is in the picture to the right. The other pictures are other signs of spring in our yard. I am also re-posting pictures from last week. They were in the post I removed due to a questionable comment. Is there a way to remove a comment without having to remove the entire post? Need to get busy - much to do in my workroom. Hope you are having a great weekend! M.

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Auntie Joy said...

I had such a good time on Friday. Seems like a month ago, since I tried to kill myself working the last couple of days... Crunch time you know!!I
am so looking forward to this weekend EXPO!! See you Friday! I will call with details. Have a good Monday!
P.S. The projects are absolutely wonderful!

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