Thursday, November 29, 2007

Time to Deck the Halls

The Thanksgiving company is heading home today. It has been great fun, but it is time to get back to our normal routine. I will make a trip to the airport and get back to work. I need to drag out all the Christmas decorations and get busy. It always seems a little overwhelming at first. Once I'm into it, things just start coming together. I rarely do the same thing each year. I mix it up. Each year I tell myself I will go through and weed out things that haven't been used for years and each year I don't get to it. Maybe this year?!? My son is going to have his first tree as an adult. I told him to come pick out some favorites 'cuz Mama has lots to share. I will make sure his box of childhood ornaments is available. He just might want the spinning Ninja Turtle ball !! It will be fun to see what he chooses. It will also be a surprise to see how my husband designs the Dickins Village across our bookcase. He changes the layout every year. I have restrained myself from buying any more pieces or trees. We have a forest of little trees, but as far as I am concerned, that is what makes so special. We have a small Charles Dickins figure that gets hidden in a different area every year and we have a contest to see who can find it. Hopefully we can fit in this decorating between the Civil War game and shopping at Tarte in Sherwood. I am including a piece I made especially to sell at Tarte but, my friend Diane saw it and it never made it into Cindy's trailer! I am happy it will have a wonderful home.


Aleta said...

My son, Justin, refuses to put up a Christmas tree!! Bill and I bought him a lovely pre-lit tree and some simple silver and white glass ball ornaments.....taking all of thirty minutes to set up and decorate!! He says it's enough to come to my house and see my tree. ??????

Most of my decorating is already done. Although I will have to squeeze in a few things from Cindy's show this weekend. Oh, and the Monticello Christmas show and sale. Let's see....I'll also be making a stop a Randy's too! There might be a lot to squeeze in!! Ha!

Have fun with you decorating!! That village on your mantel sounds marvelous!! Do take a picture!!

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

Diane said...

Can't wait for Saturday Martha! Will be fun, I have done absolutely NO decorating yet (except for hanging my lovely angel in the kitchen I bought from you!) Maybe on Sunday, we'll see, I am not in the Christmas mood quite yet......but I will get there.

Christine LeFever said...

How beautiful, Martha. But are you sure you can part with the spinning Ninja Turtle Ball?


Christine LeFever said...

I'm back!!! Just got home from Tarte and Apple and it was oh so beautiful! I now own a number of your beautiful creations, Ms Martha! Your work is intoxicating!


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