Friday, November 9, 2007

It's a day at home for me to work, work, work on making all the fun things that creep into my brain in the middle of the night. When I have a few minutes, like before leaving for work or waiting for the coffee to brew, I stand at my work table and start putting the bits and pieces together to see if what I imagined will really work. Sometimes it is intimidating to have that "blank canvas" in front of you. I just have to dive in and start. Trying one thing and then another until it starts to come together. I love it when there is just one thing, like a old book cover or a picture, that is my inspiration. Then, there are the times when that favorite little doo-dad just won't work. That is when I get hung up trying to make it work. I have learned to set it aside and move on to another doo-dad. Most times that is when the piece comes together. It's like the little Art Fairy suddenly flew over and sprinkled a little magic dust -- Voila! A treasure appears and makes my heart sing! Here is a picture of one of my latest little creations. Have a nice weekend!


Charmingdesigns said...

I love this, it is so charming. What Flea Market do you visit?? Hope you do well at the sales that you will be in!! Laurie

Christine L said...

Ah yes, doo-dads, how we love and need them! Your work is always intoxicating dearest Martha. Your entire arena is perfection and I look forward to our next visit!


Lana said...

Dear Martha, I found your blog via Christine LeFever's blog. I also remember your wonderful art from when you were a featured artist at The Primitive Gathering. You do such charming, vintage work. I'm happy to see you have a blog that I can visit now and then.

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