Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Anticipating Road Trip to Sherwood

Thanksgiving was a lovely day with our family and friends. No disasters or fires. Nothing over or under cooked. No food poisoning. Just nice and - well, I won't go as far as to say relaxing - but nice. Lots of visiting, card games, ping-pong, football and great left-overs to enjoy.

On Saturday, my sister, my cousin and I ventured to Albany to visit Poet' s Garden, Eve Barry Fine Gifts, and Vintage Roost. In spite of the really cold weather, we had a great time. Everyone had something wonderfully warm to drink while we shopped. I found some very sweet little Christmas trees made of an old woolen blanket and a garland that was strung with glass beads, pearls, old paper mache bells and more pieces of the blanket. I think it will be a perfect gift for one of my good friends.

This Saturday, my friend Diane (Molly Mo's) and I will get going early, early to attend the opening of Tarte & Apples and Antiques a once a month event in Sherwood, Oregon. Early buying begins at 8:00 a.m. and we don't want to be late! More info on this event can be found at http://www.queenoftarte.blogspot.com/. Don't miss out. It will be over-the-top!!! Everything vintage, French, frilly and simply delightful. I will be sure to fill you in next week! Oh, by the way I will have a few of my creations there, too! After Sherwood, we are planning to visit another friend that has just opened his shop in Sellwood - Madison Park Antiques. I can hardly wait! Add visiting these shops to your weekend plans. Saturday will be here before you know it!


A Thing for Roses said...

Hi Martha,

We'll see you on Saturday. Maybe we can all go out for breakfast after. What do you think?


Charmingdesigns said...

Hi Martha, I've been to Poets Garden but I havnt heard of Eve Barry's or Vintage Roost. Can you tell me where they are? lm.sm@juno.com. Thanks, Laurie

Martha Kohley said...

Hi Lisa, Sounds like a great idea. I'll share it with Diane. See you there! M.

Christine LeFever said...

I eagerly look forward to Sherwood on Saturday. Thank you for reminding me of Madison Park! I am only minutes from there. Dummy head me! I should have gone there by now! Alas, I'm never early to anything, but I'm easy to please so it isn't necessary for me to have first choice at all of the goodies. I always find something wonderful!


Coleen said...

Hi Martha!!!!

I am going to try to attend the sale,too.......we met at Holiday food and gift show a couple of yrs ago...not sure if you remember me,but your sister bought some faeries from me...Hope to see you!!!

Martha Kohley said...

Hi Coleen - Hope to see you there! Your faeries are still fabulous! My sister has them on her mantel.

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