Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shopping Cart Re-Play

In the past I've shown pictures of old shopping carts that I've lined with fabric. Recently, there has been a lot of interest in them. So as a result of a special request, I'm going to show them again and add a new one that was a custom order.

The first one I made for myself just before going to Farm Chicks. It was the first time I had used one of these little carts and was I ever happy to have it. I have filled it many, many times at recent venues. What a life-saver!

The second one is for sale on my Etsy store. It is the same design: new and vintage fabrics & laces, fully lined and washable. Sturdy ribbon ties secure it to your cart at strategic spots. It includes a roomy storage pocket on the back which is divided into two compartments. Part of the pocket has a spot for your water bottle and the rest provides plenty of room for whatever you need while mega-shopping: cell-phone, kleenex, business cards, protein bar, tape measure, pen, etc. Sorry - no cup holder for your coffee. You will have to improvise until I figure that one out!

This last cart liner was a special order. It required a little more planning as the cart is a new, improved version of the older ones. The front and back are higher than the sides. It fit like a glove!

So, if you would like a custom liner for your little cart, just comment or e-mail me and we can discuss fabrics, size and cost. It is a nice way to keep all your treasures from falling through the cart. Each one is unique and a must for die-hard shoppers! M.


flutterby said...

Martha-Your going to have everyone all decked out this year.
Beautiful once again!
Kim :)


Hi Martha,
Love the liners for the shopping carts. Another great idea.
Take care,


We sell shopping carts at our store (when we can find olde ones)and hubby makes a wooden bottom for them...can't wait to show him what you do!! Beautiful!! Judy

Denise Elizabeth -HopeTreeStudio- said...

Hi What a lovley blog you have. Denise

The White Bench said...

Hi Martha! These carts are fabulous!!!

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