Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fit For A Queen


Take some left over garden edging and a few pieces of "bling"...
add some wire and pearls ...

share a few sweet treats ...

fill the room with creative ladies ...

and this is what you have ...
beautiful, bejeweled crowns and tiaras!
The "Fit for a Queen" Classes 1 & 2 were a huge success.  We had so much fun creating lovely crowns and tiaras.  In addition we created new friendships and memories - priceless!
Here are a few pics of the finished creations.


Marlee, Annah and Mira




Princess Audrey

and Mama Sarah!
Each uniquely different and lovely just like the ladies that made them!
Next class?  Hmmm ... maybe wands and wings? M.

PS Thank you to Pam for providing the fur jacket so everyone could feel regal!


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Andy's Attic said...

Such lovely crowns. How clever to use the garden edging!!

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