Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Countdown to Barn House

It hit me this morning that in one week my hubby and I will be taking most of the stuff out of our garage, loading it into a trailer and heading to Battle Ground to unload at Barn House! One week! Holy Moly! Okay, actually ONE WEEK and one day!

This past weekend we worked to finish all the stuff that I had hoped to create.  I think we did it and then some.  I got out my journal/sketch book and checked off the list.  Wow that feels good. 

Yes, I still need to do handwork on pillows and aprons.  There still are a few signs to letter ... and a few special assemblage pieces to complete.  Otherwise, I may almost be there. Whew. Almost...

Anyway,this is a little piece I put together cleaning off my work bench.  It is a favorite because I didn't stress and fuss over it.  It just came together.  I love it when that happens. A real "vintage trifle".

The little display rack in the background is another piece I made by cleaning off the work bench.
(Hmmm... maybe I should make this a habit.)
Hooks for keys, a leash, shopping bag, etc. and clips for notes, special pics & reminders.
All from salvaged bits and pieces. Perfect!

These little crusty-rusty things were a bonus given to me by a friend just before her husband was going to take them to the dump.  Yes, the dump.  They make perfect candle holders!

I can't do a show without making some pillows.  There is just something about a down-filled pillow covered in linen.  The antique lace is the "icing on the cake". 
I have to stop and hug them every once in a while.  Almost as good as a teddy bear.

If I have time to take more pics, I will update you more before the show.
 Lots of fun, unique, wonderful stuff just waiting for you to fall in love with it!

All at: 

Come see me.  I'll be just inside the barn.  It will be a great show with so many great
vendors, great food and drink, a great location and wonderful hosts.  M.


Andy's Attic said...

It all looks wonderful. Best wishes for a fantastic show!

dlw said...

i visit your blog whenever you have a new post...i think you're very talented and i totally enjoy your pics! i know you don't seem to have much time, but i wish you posted more often :) !
take care!

Ann said...

I saw your booth at BarnHouse... amazing Love it!!!
please come visit our page on face book!

Coleen said...

did the Bon Appetite piece sell??? if not, please let me know...
Much Love,
Coleen just keep lookin younger and younger!!!♥♥♥

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