Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Things

Celebration Cake
With the 3 Friends Sale on March 17th coming sooner
than I care to think about,
 I get busy and forget that I
need to post once in a while!

I don't like planned creativity.  There I've said it!
However, with the weather being rather unpredictable ...
spring-like one day and snowing the next ...
 I have had to plan ahead to get things done. 

Spray paint has to be brought inside to
keep warm enough to actually spray once you 
get a chance between precipitation to do so. 
Items need to be gathered that need some sanding. 
(However, I've been known to sand
 small items over the kitchen sink.) 
 Occasionally there is a piece of furniture
that needs scrubbing and
I don't like doing that in my kitchen. 
So the token warm, sunny winter day is a real gift.

Okay, enough rambling and on with the projects!

A few fabric collages.

Some cute little, old cases - embellished - of course!

This is my favorite - pearly tiaras.  They make me
happy just looking at them.  Even better, I
had so much fun making them!

That is just a sample of what has been coming
out of the workroom.  There is much, much more -
but so little time to post - so ...
you will just have to check back - or ...
better yet - come to the 3 Friends Sale.  Details on the left! M.


Sharon said...

I am looking forward to the sale! See ya there.

Christine Marie Studio said...

OK. Please explain how one can possibly choose where to go first?

PS bringing mom, sister-in-law and truck with a canopy LOL!

Andy's Attic said...

Just saw that you will be at Plucky Maidens! I will, too, so if I don't make it down next weekend I will see you at Plucky.

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